Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Catching up!

So... where to begin???

How about with the most exciting part of our lives? We are now 18 1/2 weeks pregnant and so so SO excited! We found out it's going to be a baby boy! His name will be Ryder Nelson Gibson! Cute right? We are so excited and trying to plan for his arrival! We bought the crib, changing table, matress, and a glider. I think I'm starting to feel him move but still sometimes unsure. but with it being the same feeling so much, it has to be it! It just feels different then what I expected. We are learning so much about pregnancy and kids! What other news??

Courtney is back to work at Lifetouch working full time. Chase is going to school full time and working at Dominos part time. And looking for a second job to bring in some extra bucks! (If you know of anything let him know!)

Recap, Sea world was fun. We got to meet Bryan's now Fiance and baby girl. We love them and can't wait for them to be apart of our family.

We also went to Tennesse for the Cannon Family reunion! Courtney's first time flying! She is still having mixed feelings about it. hehehe. It was alot of fun to be with family members we don't see that often.

This weekend we are going to Grandma & Papa's house in Show Low. Hopefully it will be cooler!

I'm probably going to need to wear maternity clothes soon, so that is kinda fun! I already bought 2 shirts. One fits the other is still a tad long. Hopefully going to get some pants this weekend. Along with Chase some new shoes:)


  1. So as I was reading this it was talking about your in third person, so I'd thought that Chase had wrote it. Then it got to the last paragagraph, and I chuckled since I thought Chase was typing.. I laughed out loud when I read "I'm probably going to need to wear maternity clothes soon"


  2. Just saw this! That is funny! I try to type it as if we are both writing it. Well atleast I use to, now I type it from me because it is so much easier.