Friday, May 28, 2010

tons o' events!

Someday we will get better at this...

So what has been happening in the Gibson home lately???

Well we had 2 softball games last friday and lost both. It was a pretty crummy night. It wasn;t so much our team was making tons of errors, they were just hitting it where we weren't. So we are now 3-4-1 I think.

We also participated in our wards Elder Quorm pinewood derby. It was kinda lame, there wasn't a good turn out. we tied for 6th out of 16 cars. Not too bad I guess.

Here is our car....

Cool right???!!!

Chase had last Saturday off so we took advantage of it and had some fun! We went and saw the new Robin Hood. It was good. Unfortunately, we stayed up late the night before working on our derby car that I was getting kinda sleepy.

Our Nephew Wyatt turned 1 and he loved cake!!!

I had girls night and we decorated cupcakes. We did a lady bug, a monkey, and a duck. I only have pictures of the duck. They were the cutest, and the hardest to make. I think it was too hot in my house so stuff kept slipping off. it was a lot of fun though!

Last night Dallin graduated from Mesa High! We are so proud of him. And because of that joyous event, Chase's dad came to town which is always fun!

Upcoming events (incase we don't have a chance)

Tonight we are helping my parents move. They have to be out in a few days and still have tons to do. I love their new house and more importantly, they do too!

Tomorrow we have Gibson family pictures! We have been waiting a long time for this! Even Stephen & Jodi will be here!

Monday is Memorial day and my first Gibson family tradition (I think). Every year they go to Grandpa Gibson's grave in Tucson and have a lunch and games. I am excited! We'll make sure to bring lots of water:)

I don't think there is anything else worth mentioning... thanks for reading!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010


I have realized why most women do this without their husbands.... they are soooooo- boring! It took Chase an hour to NOT pick a background! They were all too girly apparently. So he said that I could do a post without him... I did more than that;)

Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

All in all it was a great day! We started with The Gibson Family and honored Momma Gibson! We had a potluck feast!!! It was great to spend time together with the entire family (minus Stephen & Jodi & and Dad)Mom was very loved!

Then we headed to the Packer home...

Unfortunately, due to siblings be married, we never got to See The Davis Family & the J. Packer family. Jen & Kyle were there along with Bryan, Mom, and Dad. Papa and Grandma were even over! It was nice to spend time with them. We watched 27 dresses, which I love!!!

It was nice being able to honor both of our Mother's! We hope they know how much we love them!

We've been busy on Friday nights playing softball! Chase pitches and Courtney plays Left Field. We have so much fun and are doing really good! So far we are 2-1-1! Courtney injured her leg in the first game last week and is kinda scared for tomorrows practice. Not sure if it will still hurt. We think she pulled her hamstring:(

Nothing else is really going on. Courtney is officially laid off for summer vacation and is expected to return July 26th, could be sooner though... hopefully. So until then she is the houseworker and sits at home watching her shows eating bon bons...

Chase finished the Semester! and did really well! I guess all that nagging from Courtney really paid off! And of course she still thinks he could have done better:) So now he has a summer to relax until school starts again in the fall.

So what do the Gibson's do during the day since no work and school??? Today was full of sleeping in and cleaning. Courtney cleaned out the fridge that smelled of vinigar (Pepperchini juice spilled all over) and Chase cleaned off our carport from leaves, dirt, etc. And cleaned our bedroom. He even made our bed!!!There is something wonderful about a clean house! We have a few vacations planned and we expect to enjoy our break with each other and make the most of it!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Be Kind, Please Rewind:) 2009

Met each other June 1st (although Chase first laid eyes on beautiful Courtney back in early September '08)
June 11th First date
June 13th First Planned date

June 19th Started Dating
First trip together (6 Flags)

July 24th Finally he PROPOSED!!!!

August- Late October are a blurr from being busy planning... Just busy loving each other!

30th Sealed to each other for Eternity!!!

1st-3rd Honeymoon in Southern Utah & Northern Arizona. Hot spots include, but not limited to,

Grand Canyon North Rim

Zion National Park
And our cute little "bed and breakfast". It was the most amazing place ever they took our order every night and in the morning we had fresh eggs and pancakes etc. waiting for us sleepyheads!
We went to the Polar Express with the Packers and Walkers and saw Santa.

We had our first Thanksgiving together and I finally met my brother in law Stephen and Sister in law Jodi! It was fun. I took my first ever Gibson Family picture!!! It was also Chase's birthday, I surprised him with a new suit and tie!
Went and saw the Temple Lights with the Davis Family!

Our first Christmas!!!
And it was a white one too
Santa forgot to check his list twice this year, he was very generous!

Chase coming down the stairs (We are still learning and I'm not sure if there is a way to turn the picture. Don't strain your neck!)

Courtney coming down the stairs

All the gifts!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! And what a wonderful year it was!

Well that is our 2009 rewind, 2010 recap to come at a later date.

Testing, testing 123

So after 6 months of being married we have finally found the time to start a blog. Well,... see ya later.