Friday, May 28, 2010

tons o' events!

Someday we will get better at this...

So what has been happening in the Gibson home lately???

Well we had 2 softball games last friday and lost both. It was a pretty crummy night. It wasn;t so much our team was making tons of errors, they were just hitting it where we weren't. So we are now 3-4-1 I think.

We also participated in our wards Elder Quorm pinewood derby. It was kinda lame, there wasn't a good turn out. we tied for 6th out of 16 cars. Not too bad I guess.

Here is our car....

Cool right???!!!

Chase had last Saturday off so we took advantage of it and had some fun! We went and saw the new Robin Hood. It was good. Unfortunately, we stayed up late the night before working on our derby car that I was getting kinda sleepy.

Our Nephew Wyatt turned 1 and he loved cake!!!

I had girls night and we decorated cupcakes. We did a lady bug, a monkey, and a duck. I only have pictures of the duck. They were the cutest, and the hardest to make. I think it was too hot in my house so stuff kept slipping off. it was a lot of fun though!

Last night Dallin graduated from Mesa High! We are so proud of him. And because of that joyous event, Chase's dad came to town which is always fun!

Upcoming events (incase we don't have a chance)

Tonight we are helping my parents move. They have to be out in a few days and still have tons to do. I love their new house and more importantly, they do too!

Tomorrow we have Gibson family pictures! We have been waiting a long time for this! Even Stephen & Jodi will be here!

Monday is Memorial day and my first Gibson family tradition (I think). Every year they go to Grandpa Gibson's grave in Tucson and have a lunch and games. I am excited! We'll make sure to bring lots of water:)

I don't think there is anything else worth mentioning... thanks for reading!!!

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