Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 2010

Hey all!... or one (depending on who actually reads this)

So not a whole lot has been happening. Ryder is doing well. We had an ultrasound last week and he is growning perfectly:) He weighs 12oz and has 2 kidneys!!! Doc says everthing looks great! And I'm feeling great too which is a bonus. I think I have a pretty easy pregnancy so far. (Knock on wood!)

Chase is still playing softball, pitching. He is doing well, but always room for improvement. He could also use a little help from his team:)

Our big family excitement... CHASE IS EXCITED ABOUT SCHOOL!!! He met with a counselor the other day and realized he wants to persue a degree in Secondary Education in Social Studies. I have never seen him talk about school positively. It was really comforting for me to see. It actually made me teary eyed because this is something we're been worried about a little bit.

Other family excitement... CHASE IS THE RED LOBSTER SHRIMP CHAMP!!! Right now they are doing all you can eat shrimp and so me & a few family members went and feasted! Towards the end, the waitress mentioned something like wow I think you might be getting close to the record. And Chase took the challenge! I was so proud:)

We are getting ready to start working on Ryder's room. Gonna scrap off the popcorn ceiling and do some painting. Pretty excited! Hopefully it will be cute. We are just renting so I don't want to spend too much, but at the same time we are planning on being their for awhile. I'll have to post some before and after pics. Hopefully Chase will let me put him to work:)