Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My big boy!

I received this outfit Ryder is wearing at my baby shower that was in December 2010. I remember opening it and thinking this looks big! I've been staring at this outfit in Ryder's closet for 9 months thinking this looks big! Well the day has come that this "big" outfit is fitting my "big" boy. He'll be 8 months on Saturday and not a day goes by that I don't realize how much of a blessing he is! I love him so much and am so grateful to have him in my life! Love you Ryder!

Rolling, rolling, rolling!

Ryder will be 8 months on Saturday! Even though he is not crawling yet (he is very close though) he definitely is a mobile boy! The other night he was rolling around in our dinning area so I took a few pictures. He is such a happy boy!

Also, one of his favorite things is to stand! He has to hold on to something and sometimes he will lean. It's cute though because he'll look at his feet as if he's checking to see if he's really doing it.


Eating update...

I hope this doesn't ruin your expectations, but this is Ryder's update not an update of what Chase and I have been eating lately...

So Ryder is the best eater ever! So far he has eaten everything except some yogurt we bought (the new Greek kind). He even still ate that, but I tried it and decided I wasn't going to give it to him it was so gross!

Lately we tried a new snack and as a bonus it is teaching him to self feed. On the down side, the next day he picked something off the floor and put it in his mouth.

So Ryder's new favorite snack is toast. Plain of course it's not like I'm going to load this kid with butter or anything. I eat the crust and he eats the middle torn into about 5 pieces, sometimes not even all of it. It's nice because I can give it to him and he feeds himself and then I can eat. I stay right next to him though just in case. He's only choked a little once and that was because he was trying to shove the whole piece in his mouth.

We also finally bought Ryder a high chair. He loves it! And it has made feeding him so much easier, I'm wishing I would have done it earlier. No more bumbo for him! And the awesome thing is that it folds up really easy so we could take it over to grandparents house if we needed to since Ryder has so many close cousins and I'm sure future baby Gibson's will have close cousins too.

Brag Book

2 years ago I participated in my wards secret sister activity. The whole month of January we were to secretly deliver gifts to our sisters.

Some examples of things that I gave was homemade guacamole and a bag of tortilla chips because she liked Mexican food.

I gave her a Mystery book that I bought at Deseret Book a long time ago that I never got into because she said she liked mystery books from Deseret. By the way, in a card I told her that I never got into this book and I hoped she enjoyed it more than I did, it's not like I tried passing it off as a new book.

I don't remember what else. But on the last night because she is a Grandma so I gave her a brag book that I made myself. I used mostly scraps and was all stuff that I already had on hand. So really it's like it cost me nothing. With the brag book I also gave her a homemade banana cream pie (it's under the book so you see it in all of the pictures.)

I just picked a size, I don't remember how big now, 5x5 maybe. So I cut all the white cardstock to the right size and decorated my pages. Then I hole punched through, added binder clips and tied on ribbon. EASY!

I really just wanted to do this post so I could delete these pictures:)

A slew of pictures:)

Now I don't know how many is in a slew so I may be a little of on the amount of pictures I have, but anywho...

here is a random post of random pictures. Some may have captions some may just be thrown up here for you to admire Ryder's adorable face:) Enjoy!

This one looks like he is doing a duck call or something...

Love, love, LOVE this one! He is such a happy baby! We are so blessed!!!

Love these eyes!

Deer in headlights...

Hint Hint Mema, he loved playing with Emma's blocks...

waiting for Daddy's alumni concert to start...
Align Center

Sitting in the high chair for the FIRST time. YEAH!!!

He loves kicking those legs!

Scottsdale Art Museum...

A while back I got free tickets to the Scottsdale Art Museum from the Library. I thought it would be a fun thing to do. And would get us out of the house. We went on a day that Chase could go to so it was a fun family event. I'm so glad it was free because the museum was not worth it. There weren't many exhibits and they were weird!

However, Chase & I were glad we went because the grounds around the museum were awesome! We tried taking some pictures, but it's hard when it's the 2 of us. Next time we do family pictures we are going there!

We thought we'd have a nice little break and sit in the grass. About 5 seconds after I took the picture the sprinklers came on!

This is the best we could do using self timer.

It was also Ryder's first time sitting in his stroller like a big boy!

I'm not sure if I like this...

I guess it's kind of fun:)