Monday, September 26, 2011

Disney Movie Marathon: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:

We finished our first movie! Snow White was great! Obviously we have both seen this one before, but it is definitely one to watch more than once. It has great laughs and for me is better as an adult, I was always scared of this one when I was young.

Courtney's favorite part: I love when they are cleaning! It is just a bunch of funny scenes and I'm laughing throughout. "And I'll do the sweeping." I love when the deer is just licking the plates clean. HAHAHA! Also, I never realized until now how funny Grumpy is! I always thought that Dopey was the funny one, but man everything Grumpy did was making me laugh. To make things more entertaining, Grumpy isn't even trying.
My beef with this movie is the spell is broken with true love's FIRST kiss. So if I were to have the poisonous apple I would be screwed because I have already had my true love's first kiss. (Note to self don't take delicious apples from strange hags!)

Chase's favorite part: My favorite part has been my favorite as long as I can remember. When the dwarfs hear that Snow White is in danger with the queen disguised as the cackling old hag, (note that they find out by a bunch of animals harassing them) the first person to respond is of course - Grumpy. He valiantly wastes no time, mounts up on the deer closest to him and leads the brigade in chasing the old hag queen to her death off the cliff. Grumpy riding on the deer for a mutual cause in Justice for Snow White is by far the goose bump trigger on my body.

Next movie is Pinocchio!

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