Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Halloween/ Fall Craft Day!

Ok so craft day will be Saturday, October 8, 2011 (10am unless I get a ton of not going to happens!)! Sorry it's short notice, but I procrastinated! I am so excited! I have never done anything like this before so I hope it goes smoothly and I'm not way in over my head. I chose easy, EASY crafts to do so we shouldn't be spending ALL day on them. There are 4 total.

I'll get all the supplies that are needed and then you just pay me. You can do all the crafts or some. I need to know by October 6th so I have time to get everything! I hope that gives you enough time to decide.

Googly Eyes- ($3)

*** This one took the longest. You can choose between it saying "BOO" or "EEK". EEK is what it said on where I got the idea but I liked the idea of using eyes for the letters. So if you want this one let me know what you want it to say. If you have a hot glue gun bring it please!

Here is an example of what you could do with it. I did Ryder's handprint to make a ghost. You could also use it to put last years halloween costume, or just put a Happy Halloween sign in it. The possibilities are endless.

Countdown- ($2.50)

*** This countdown is unfinished, I just needed something to show. The numbers will be printed, unless you like the handwritten look. Also, there will be ribbon to hang it up with. The numbers are magnetic.

Give Thanks-

***You can choose yours to say something else if you would like. So tell me what you want if you would like this one.

Hurricane- ($5.50 for both)
(Candle not included). I haven't made one of these yet I just saw the idea. I had to order this stuff online so there is limited available. I'll post mine when I finish it.

There will

So if you would like to participate let me know which craft(s) you would like to do either as a comment here, facebook, or text me. You can pay me on the 8th either cash or check.

If you want to participate, but can't come let me know and maybe we can arrange something.

Want to craft, but don't like my ideas? Come anyway and bring your own stuff:)

I was thinking of doing a potluck lunch so bring a dish to share. I'll let you know when you rsvp.

There may be a few give aways???

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