Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eating update...

I hope this doesn't ruin your expectations, but this is Ryder's update not an update of what Chase and I have been eating lately...

So Ryder is the best eater ever! So far he has eaten everything except some yogurt we bought (the new Greek kind). He even still ate that, but I tried it and decided I wasn't going to give it to him it was so gross!

Lately we tried a new snack and as a bonus it is teaching him to self feed. On the down side, the next day he picked something off the floor and put it in his mouth.

So Ryder's new favorite snack is toast. Plain of course it's not like I'm going to load this kid with butter or anything. I eat the crust and he eats the middle torn into about 5 pieces, sometimes not even all of it. It's nice because I can give it to him and he feeds himself and then I can eat. I stay right next to him though just in case. He's only choked a little once and that was because he was trying to shove the whole piece in his mouth.

We also finally bought Ryder a high chair. He loves it! And it has made feeding him so much easier, I'm wishing I would have done it earlier. No more bumbo for him! And the awesome thing is that it folds up really easy so we could take it over to grandparents house if we needed to since Ryder has so many close cousins and I'm sure future baby Gibson's will have close cousins too.

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