Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brag Book

2 years ago I participated in my wards secret sister activity. The whole month of January we were to secretly deliver gifts to our sisters.

Some examples of things that I gave was homemade guacamole and a bag of tortilla chips because she liked Mexican food.

I gave her a Mystery book that I bought at Deseret Book a long time ago that I never got into because she said she liked mystery books from Deseret. By the way, in a card I told her that I never got into this book and I hoped she enjoyed it more than I did, it's not like I tried passing it off as a new book.

I don't remember what else. But on the last night because she is a Grandma so I gave her a brag book that I made myself. I used mostly scraps and was all stuff that I already had on hand. So really it's like it cost me nothing. With the brag book I also gave her a homemade banana cream pie (it's under the book so you see it in all of the pictures.)

I just picked a size, I don't remember how big now, 5x5 maybe. So I cut all the white cardstock to the right size and decorated my pages. Then I hole punched through, added binder clips and tied on ribbon. EASY!

I really just wanted to do this post so I could delete these pictures:)


  1. wow! I wish you were my secret sister ;0)

  2. Yeah, when I'd tell Chase what I was doing he was like you are probably doing more than most people in the ward. I have a lot of fun with that kind of stuff.