Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bike Ride

Last night we spent a good chunk of money on some new bike stuff. Ryder & I got helmets (we'll order Chase a new one online because they only had 1 in store). I got a new bike seat so my rump doesn't hurt the second I get on the bike. And a bike lock so we can keep our bikes:)

Ryder loves his new hat!

 Today Ryder & I went on our first real ride without Daddy! (Well actually it so happened that he didn't have school so Chase rode with us their and then went to work.) We rode to the Library on 1st St and Mesa Dr. it is 2.7 Miles from our house so round trip around 5.5 miles. However we had like an hour brake at the Library so it's not too bad. We go there (Almost) every Thursday for the baby lapsit class. Ryder loves it!
 He fell asleep on the way home. He loves it in his trailer. He cries now sometimes when we get in the car, he'd rather take the bikes. We are hoping to make bikes a main way of transportation for us, a little at a time...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Ryder's I'm so smart moment of the day...

Earlier today I went to the restroom. Yep, I go too! I used up the last of the toilet paper and like usual, I got side tracked and forgot to replace the roll. So later when I needed to go again I find myself sitting on the toilet without any tp... What do I do??? Luckily for me, like usual Ryder followed me into the bathroom. I showed him the empty roll and said “Ryder, can you go in the other bathroom and get me the toilet paper?” He left and came back with the roll! What a smart boy! Then he told me he needed to “poop” which he says for poop and pee so I set him on the toilet. I left him to do his thing while I replaced the TP in the other bathroom. Checked on him and he peed! What a big/ smart boy!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


We have been smoothie crazy in the Gibson home lately! They are so good!!! Plus fruit has been pretty cheap lately too. Tonight we had a fun time, Ryder even got to help put everything in the blender. He is such a good helper!!!

Ryder loves doing Cheers!

Story behind the mugs. We love A&W Rootbeer. Unfortunately there aren't many around anymore. On our Honeymoon almost 3 years ago we stopped at one on our way to the Grand Canyon. That is where we got the 2 big mugs. Then when we were in Washington when Ryder was 3 weeks old we went to one there and got 2 little shot glass mugs. It is adorable!!!

So the smoothies kind of look like the antidote from TMNT II, but they were good!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ryder 19 months

Someday I'll get better at this... 
 Ryder is 19 months old and such a big boy! I cannot believe how smart he is. I thought I'd take the time to record the smart, silly, fun things he's up to... 

He is saying so much I can't even count how many words. His newest are Boo Boo (Blue's Clues with hand motions and everything), more, bebe (baby), da (dad) 

 He likes to play a game where he'll point to himself and say bebe? And then he'll point to everyone else to see if they are a bebe. Today he started seeing if he was Da da? 

 He loves watching Blue's Clues and still like The Wiggles 

 He absolutely loves being outside and helping his daddy any way he can. 

He is starting to be able to match animals. We have a file folder game where you match the head of an animal with the tail and he gets most of them right. He gets a few of the colors right. He also has a animal puzzle and he knows where the animals go, he just doesn't quite know how to line them up.

Ryder got a new pet, a beta fish named Red. 

He had his first smoothie last night and LOVED it! It was banana and strawberry. He even got a big boy cup and only spilled once

We went on a family date for Labor Day. We went to the Dollar Theater and saw Lorax. He did great when he was eating popcorn, but then he wanted to get down and play. After that we went to the little play area at the mall. He had fun!

He loves ducks! He loves to shout it whenever he sees one! He thinks every bird is a duck! 

We are slowly working on potty training. My real intent was to work with him so he wouldn't be scared of the potty when we did start trying, but he actually does go every once in a while.

Something I forgot to ever mention, Ryder had his first fili bs experience July 20th, 2012 He got his own burrito and devoured it!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Time Out!

Oh boy! Are we hitting the "terrible twos" already??? We are starting to put Ryder in time out, mainly when it's something we tell him not to over and over again. Or when it's something really bad that we really don't want him to do.

We use to have him fold his arms. That lasted about a day, I didn't want him to feel like he's always in trouble when we tell him to fold his arms for prayer.

We then switched to putting his hands on his head. So we'll have him stand up against something (wall, couch, cabinet etc.) and put his hands on his head. We leave him there for around a minute (if that) and have him say sorry and explain why he was in time out. 

I feel like even though he is only 18 months old he understands. My proof... after he gets out of time out he will go and do that thing that he was just in time out for and then put himself in time out.

Aye aye aye, do any of you have time out success methods? I'm not quite sure he is really getting it...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Slide

I am SO behind on this! I can't believe it. This should be fun, I don't know why sometimes I get into this rut and think it's a chore. Most of my blogging is done on my craft blog now-a-days, but I don't post a lot of the personal Ryder growing up stuff. 

I'm going to do a bunch of posts and hopefully get myself caught up. Instead of starting with where I left off I'm going to go with most recent and then continue on from here. Then back track whenever I have the time/ motivation.

On facebook I am in a few "virtual yard selling groups". I put that I was in search of a kids slide. I was. Ryder LOVES being outside, but we have nothing for him to play with out there except dirt and sticks (which he loves). Someone had a slide they were getting rid of and was willing to take $5 for it! I was so excited!!! The only downside was that it was in San Tan Valley, like a 45 minute drive. I just couldn't pass this up. It's like a $70 slide for 5 bucks!

So we hopped in the car for FHE and had a fun drive. When we got home none of us could wait to put it back together. And Ryder couldn't wait to test it out. As Chase was still screwing in a piece we started going...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I can't deny it!

Ryder is becoming such a big boy! Right now he is 16 1/2 months old. He amazes me everyday at the things he is learning!

He is awesome at body parts! He knows Head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, elbow, fingers, belly button, toes, feet and we are working on knees. Usually when someone asks, "Ryder where is your_______?" He points to his and then points to everyone else's in the room. It gets a little awkward when it's bellybutton. Hahaha

He loves to read! (He may in fact be squealing for me to read him a book right now.) Throughout the day he will bring me books to read to him. And anytime I change his diaper he wants me to read to him. So I'll usually read one to him and then he "reads" it while I change his diaper. He doesn't really have a favorite book, but there are some he doesn't like as much as others. I'm slowly, but surely making him a quietbook. Hopefully he will LOVE that book.

He eats pretty much everything we give him. I have no idea what his favorites are. Cheese, fruit, cottage cheese. His newest food is chips. Today at the summer free lunch program at Harris Elementary they had Nachos. I let him eat it to see how he did and he loved it! He did so good! He loves to dip his food! I try to include a dip when I can. He usually will just suck off the dip and then eat what ever was dipped. We have been so lucky that Ryder is such a good eater!

Ryder's vocabulary is expanding! The other day we went to the Mesa Arizona Temple and walked around the visitors center. Ryder would point to the pictures of Jesus and say "Jeez". If that doesn't make me feel like a good Mom I don't know what does. Our son knows who Jesus is!!! Some of his other new words is Poot (poop), Sit (used around the dogs, will also point to the ground kind of like how we do when we tell them to sit), boot (Book), He says Dat (meaning he wants something, replacing "ink" if you read his 15 month post).  Ball is still his most used word.

On top of vocal communication Ryder does some sign language. He mostly does More and is starting to do Please. I'm really hoping he'll get the hang of please soon. Right now he just screams...

We love our Ryder Bug and are so grateful to have him in our life!

Monday, June 11, 2012

We Bought a Zoo

I have been really bad at posting lately. Chase is home a lot more since it's summer so I waste a lot less time. Not the the blog is a waste of time, but I usually thinking about updating after I've wasted time on Pinterest of just googling everything imaginable. I will try to do a few update posts this week, but no promises.

Saturday We went to Mesquite Jr High for my Niece Brittney's 6th Birthday Party! It's crazy how old these kids are getting. On the way home we were hungry so we stopped at Fili Bs and got ourselves a feast. Ryder was asleep by the time we got out of the pool parking lot so we knew he'd be out for awhile so we decided to rent a movie too. We rented We Bought a Zoo from Redbox with our free code:)

It was a really good movie. Nothing really bad in it which I love. The romance was hardly even there. The only reason I even bring this up is because something funny happened that I wanted to share. Half way through the movie Chase says, "this is seems like the type of movie someone would cry in." He turns to me, "Are you crying?" HAhahaha yep it is the kind of movie someone wold cry in. Me being that someone. I am such a baby when it comes to movies and everything really. I see someone cry and I have to do everything in my power so I don't cry too. I hate it. Even if I don't know the person or they are crying over something that isn't really necessary to cry over. I cry along. SO ANNOYING!

If you haven't seen it, rent it! It was really good. If you are anything like me though, you've been warned.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Craft Blog

So I am starting a new blog to record all of my crafts and whatnot. I would love the support! You can check it out here and I would love for you to follow me. I hope you like what you see.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day!

First things First! I had a wonderful Mother's Day! I'm so lucky to be a Mother to my sweet Ryder. He makes being a mom so much fun and I love every second of it!

Chase was very sweet and got me a few gifts:)
We have a unofficially tradition that Mother's Day and Father's Day we do like a little scavenger hunt, the gift are spread over the house.

I woke up and went potty to find a clean bathroom and some shea butter and sugar scrub. I felt so pampered after using it!
Then in the kitchen I found a step stool which is perfect because I can't reach a lot of shelves in out home. Last was a new wallet with my stuff already loaded into in. 

We went to church where our ward gave all the Mother's a rose. (I think it's a great idea and all, but personally I thought the flower was more of a hassle. I had to carefully carry it around church all day and then by the time I got home it was withered.

We had Mother's Day with the Packer's on Saturday night. We got my mom some of the easy find lid tubberware because she has been complaining about her tubberware for so long! I also got her a cork board frame and some homemade button thumbtacks. See them on my craft blog here.

For Chase's mom we got her frames with all the kid's Wedding Pictures in them. She had been talking about this for a long time (we have too) so finally we just did it. Unfortunately, in some spaces the frames are too big so we need to trade them in for ones with smaller edges. She LOVED the idea though.

We got to Skype with Dallin. He is serving in Spain. One more time to talk to him and he'll be home!

Sunday Night we had a international themed potluck with the Gibson's. Chase made a soup from his Mission in South Africa called something with a click in it. English version is Samp and Beans. It was really good and we are thinking of adding it to our list of dinners. He also made a dessert that he loved there. He talks about it all the time. It's called Mulva Pudding even though it is more of a cake. It is very rich!


So Ryder is getting to that wonderful stage where he will actually watch TV. Well really movies since out TV doesn't actually play TV, not even local channels. Maybe some day. He especially loves the Wiggles! We watch Curious George on the computer through Netflix (someday will get it hooked up through the Wii). Here are some pictures I took of him watching his shows. Hahah

Now comes the challenge of limiting time on Tv/ computer. It is so easy to just put on a movie to keep him entertained.

I can't sneak up on this kid!

I bought this book at Seagull Book. He loves it! It was $1.99 it rattles and when you pull the link and let go it vibrates.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother Nature's water day

Where did that rain come from last night! It was completely out of no where. All of a sudden I get a call from Chase seeing how the dogs were because it was pouring where he was. Sure enough there was a pretty heavy rain coming down.

I took this opportunity to re-introduce Ryder with rain. Living in Arizona it doesn't come around very often and I didn't want to miss this chance.

He wasn't so sure of it at first, but he grew to love it! 


Monday, May 7, 2012

Ryder 15 moths check up

Ryder is doing great! He was the perfect patient at the Doctors Office. I'm kind of annoyed with the Dr right now because the Dr. we had when Ryder was first born moved to a different office or I don't even know what happened to him. I was bummed because I really liked him. So I met with the new Dr and liked him even more. Well now he is gone. I'm starting to consider switching to a different Dr. Not only have the Docs been changing, but the waiting room doesn't have anything in it for kids. No toys or books! They do have a well room and a sick room that is actually separated by a wall! (My sister went to one that was separated by a huge fish take so sick air could get in and out and then you had to walk through the sick room to get to the room. No sense at all!). The office I go to also has a movie playing which helps.

Anyways here are his stats:
Height: 31 inches 50%
Weight: 24lbs 12 oz 50%
Head: 49 inches 90%

Some of the questions asked:

  •  How many words can he say? Around 5 consistently
  •  How many hours is he sleeping a day? Around 13
  • Can he point out body parts? Sometimes. Ryder where is your nose, nothing. Ryder where is your eyes Nailed it! We've really only worked on eyes and nose and ears.
  • Does he do things you ask him to do. Ex. go get your shoes and bring them to Mommy. (2 part commands). Yes he does for the most part.
  • Does he interact with other kids. More than just playing beside them. Yes! He thinks he can do everything the big kids can.
  • Does he know how to do stairs? Yes he crawls up and down them.
  • Does he point out animals like in books? Only dog
  • Does he listen to you read to him. Yes he loves books!
  • How is his appetite? He eats pretty much anything we give him.
  • How does he act when you leave him with someone else, like Grandma? He does fine for the most part. Usually if he is tired that is when he fusses when we leave.
  • Does he use a spoon when eating? I give him one with almost every meal, but he just holds it in one hand and eats with the other one. Sometimes he'll stab at food with the wrong end of the spoon.
They said that he was doing great! He had to get 2 shots:( He handled it pretty well though. he is such a tough guy! Next appointment will be in August.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bed Hair

This is what I found when Ryder woke up from his nap yesterday! Crazy Bed Hair! He pulls it off nicely though:) Isn't he the sweetest boy ever?!?!?!

I love how when he wakes up he doesn't just scream and cry anymore. He just talks to himself. It's so fun to listen to. He'll just lay there or sometimes sit up. But almost always with his legs/feet sticking out through the bars. Love it!!!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Ryder: 15 months

We cannot get enough of Ryder! He is 15 months old tomorrow! Where has the time gone??? He is so big and so much fun! He is getting to be so smart and impresses me everyday.

I just wanted to do a quick post to record something Ryder does. It is awesome! Ryder usually can point out Jesus! It makes Chase and I feel like wonderful parents. He has been able to do it for awhile and we are so happy when we try to show someone he can and he does.

For example, at tithing settlement (December) we were meeting with the Bishop and Ryder was getting a little antsy. So I say, "Ryder where is Jesus?" And he pointed to the picture hanging in the Bishop's office. Thank you Ryder for making us look like awesome parents!

At night before we go to bed we try to have family scripture "study" and prayer. I will usually read Ryder a few books and then Chase will come in with the Book of Mormon. We then ask, "Ryder who do we learn about in the scriptures.?" We'll then show him the picture of Jesus in the beginning of the book or point to the picture hanging on his wall. Ryder's new thing is as soon as Chase pulls out the Book of Mormon from behind his back, Ryder will immediately point to the picture of Jesus on the wall. I love it! Ryder knows who we learn about. It makes us feel like the best parents in the world. If Ryder can always remember Jesus and follow his example I will be a happy Mom.

He is talking more. He says, Bye, ball, uh-oh, and ink (drink or binky, and sometimes anything he wants at the moment.). Those are his main ones. A ball can distract him from anything. Anytime I want him to go do something else (like when he follows me into the bathroom) I'll say, "Ryder, where is the ball?" and he'll go find one. Sometimes he'll hold up his hands as if he's shrugging and look for it.

He loves shoes and loves being outside. I think those go hand in hand because he knows he needs shoes to go outside. He would spend all day outside if I would let him. Unfortunately it is Summer temperatures so our outside time is limited.

His favorite indoor place to play is on Chase's night stand. We are "borrowing" Risk from Chase's moms and for the time being it is sitting next to Chase's bed. Ryder will go in our room and stand on the game and play with things on his night stand. Usually coins and other little knick knacks. There was a screw driver at one point and he looked like he was working on the alarm clock. It's so funny how he has made that his little play area.

Pictures taken April 29, 2012 (almost 15 months)

Monday, April 23, 2012


So spur the moment the other day I decided to make playdough. I don't remember the recipe I used it was on the website. There are a million out there so it's be easy to find. This was Ryder's first encounter with it and he seemed to enjoy it.

Tastes good too!

Towards the end he just wanted to put it in the cup holder of his high chair.

1 batch of the play dough made 4 1/2 balls that were a good size. We made blue, yellow, red, and green. The 1/2 ball I didn't color and am going to put inside a balloon. I've seen it online and kids for some reason really love to play with it. It will be a part of Ryder's Church Toy Basket.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Water table

For Easter our family got this water and sand table. My Niece has one and the kids seem to enjoy it. I got it for like $6 the end of last summer. Last night we decided it test it out. Ryder loved it! We made a rule to either be in diaper or swim suit, he got pretty wet...!

He really ended up just dumping it on himself.

Tonka and Ella enjoyed the company!

It's hard to tell, but he got pretty wet! Well worth it, he had so much fun!!!