Friday, December 2, 2011


I hate to do one large post like this, but having no computer makes it a little hard to stay up to date. So highlights of November:

We had our first ever yard sale. We got rid of a lot of crap which was the point of the whole thing. We also made $35. I learned somethings so if we ever do it again we'll be a little more prepared.

Ryder is now crawling with his tummy off the ground (not sure if I've blogged about that yet.) He is super fast and getting into a lot of things.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with lots of food. We love our family and are so grateful to have most of them nearby.

We did Black Friday! I love it! We got a new camera to replace the one that was stolen. We also bought a few Christmas presents. One of our brother's got a new big screen T.V. so he gave us his old one. THANKS BRIAN & ASHLEE! It didn't fit our entertainment center so we bought a new one off Craigslist for $20! It looks really nice.

Chase celebrated his 24th birthday. It was a busy day. Doughnuts in the morning with some family and (leftover) doughnuts and games at night with some friends.

In between doughnuts we went to the Leslie Family Reunion. It was a lot of gun. I'll do a seperate post on that.

Our brother did give us a computer to use until we get a new one for us, so the Gibson home should be up to date technology wise soon. (well minus the whole no T.V. thing.) Hopefully we'll be more up to date on this thing.

And in case you didn't hear. I started a craft, DIY blog with my sis in law. Check it out and follow us. We need the support.

Happy Holidays!