Wednesday, July 2, 2014

30 Week Challenge: Week 4

Not good guys! I gained this week. Very disappointed with myself. I'm back up to 151.3. Chase thinks part of it might be muscle, but I'm not buying it. As I said before I quit the Candida Cleanse so I've been eating whatever I want. Plus with us being out of town it made things even worse.

I am doing a fitness challenge. It's called #NOEXCUSES Fitness Challenge. A couple of blogs are hosting it. Basically it's doing 75 miles of excersise in 31 days (month of July) mostly focusing on Cardio. I'm 2 days in and I've got 9 miles done!

I'm really excited about this challenge because it will keep me excersising and I'm pushing myself to get my miles in. Because of this goal and in fear of gaining muscle weight I'm not focusing on the circuit anymore. I'm focusing on cardio. Which for someone in my shape that is most important for me anyway.

So this is my new workout routine: No rest for the weary!
Sunday: Walk Away The Pounds Video- 2 Miles
Monday: Treadmill 1 mile Elliptical 1.5 miles
Tuesday: Bike 9 Miles WATP- 1 Mile
Wednesday: Elliptical 1.5 Miles Bike 6 miles
Thursday: Arc Trainer 1 Mile Bike 6 miles
Friday: Bike 6 miles Treadmill 1 mile
Saturday: 2.5 Miles on Machine of Choice

I will throw in Walk Away The Pounds Video when I can. It is awesome for working out at home. And then of course portion control is a big one and the hardest!

The working out portion of this is going amazing! My Sister-In-Law Karen and I are swapping babysitting to go to the gym. It's really getting me to go. I feel like I can't miss, the only downside it working out takes like 3 hours because we go in shifts. As long as I'm going right. Another bonus that is keeping me going is Chase is doing it with me! For the most part anyway. Getting fit is so much easier when you have someone helping you along the way.

Here is to another week with pounds lost!