Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I can never think of anything clever to put as the title...

We will be 36 weeks prego on Friday. It seems so close and so far at the same time. I had my baby shower a few Saturdays ago and man, Ryder is SPOILED!!! He got so much stuff. I think we are set on diapers for a while! He got so many cute clothes! We took a tour of Banner Gateway, the hospital we will be delivering at. They just showed us around to the different rooms. It was very helpful, but I still am a little nervous. Chase was able to get all the wrong turns out of his system so when it's go time he'll know exactly where to be:) Now time to pack the hospital bag. I'm thinking that will be fun for me because just another thing that means it's coming closer!

Chase is busy, busy, busy!!! He finished school and had a great semester! Got the highest GPA he's gotten... like ever! I like to think it's because he is working harder for his family now that we have a baby on the way. He took a long vacation from Dominos so he could do training for MPS Transportation. From the way he talks he is really liking what he does. He seems to enjoy it. I think it will be perfect for our family.

This time of year seems so busy, but we love it! We've been getting our Christmas shopping done and can't wait to see everyone's reaction. We hope they like them:) This week especially we have a lot going on in the evenings.

Tonight (Tuesday) Brittany & Emma (Bryan's Family) are coming in town for Christmas so we are going out to hang out with them.

Then Wednesday we are going to see the Temple lights. One of my favorite things to do around Christmas. We'll see how it goes this year, I've been having a hard time walking too long with these pregnant feet of mine. All this shopping is wearing me down.

Thursday night we are having our somewhat new tradition of like 3 years and celebrating Christmas with the Walkers (my mom's sister's family) We'll be having Mexican food and playing a few games!

Then Friday is Christmas Eve so we'll be fun, some of us are spending the night so it'll be just like when we were kids!

Christmas day is almost here! I'm trying to think of someway to have the kids be reminded of why we celebrate Christmas, but not quite sure waht to do. Thought about having them act out the Nativity, but not sure how easy that would be. I guess we'll see what I can come up with.

Then Sunday we will be at the Gibson's! Cannot wait! We are bringing rolls for dinner and I want to do home made ones, we'll see... I've never really done it before.

This last Saturday I went to a Cookie exchange. It was my first time doing one and it was a lot of fun! There were so many good cookies! I will definitely do things differently next time. First off, I have not quite figured out the purpose of seran wrap. 2nd off cookies aren't as fun as other treats! and don't volunteer to bring someone else's cookies:)

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas with your family!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

So much going on! We love it!

We have been pretty busy it seems, but we love it. Especially because most things are family related:) Now to flash back and hit the big stuff.

Chase and I celebrated our first year anniversary, it was so much fun! We went down to Tucson and went to the zoo down there. Chase is so good to me and is always willing to go with my ideas. I can't believe it has been a year already, but at the same time I can't imagine my life without Chase! I am so lucky!!!

Ryder is still doing well! He loves to move most during Church it seems, just hope that doesn't cause problems after he is born:) We are 32 weeks and are going crazy with anticipation! We are so excited for him to be here!
Speaking of Ryder, we are still working on his room. The popcorn is off, and most of the wall is painted, but will need a second coat. And the ceiling took way more paint then we thought it would. So unfortunately it is still a work in progress.
My work threw me a baby shower. It just made it seem more real and seem closer. We got a bunch of fun stuff!!! People were very generous! I am having my baby shower thrown by my sisters this weekend. Very exciting stuff going on!
Chase is busier than ever! He is going to school full time, working dominos, and he got a part time job at Segull Book for some extra income during the holidays. He is also studying to get his CDL so he can start training with Mesa Public Schools to do bus driving.
We had a fun and filling Thanksgiving! We are so blessed to have both of our families close together so we were able to see both sides.

Our Brother Dallin recieved his Mission Call! He reports April 6th and is going to Spain! It will be so fun to see the changes in his life. And I'm sure Ryder will miss his Uncle! We'll have to show pics of Dallin to him so he knows who he is when he returns!
We have put up most of our Christmas decorations! I love this time of year! Here is our Christmas tree! I love it! We even have a few presents underneath:)

I've been in a crafty mood which is always fun! So far I've made these little magnets to hang up Holiday cards we recive. I kinda wanna make some year round ones because I think they are cute and even better EASY!!!

I started to make us a fun wreath, but our wire cutters don't cut wire very well, so I decided to put that craft on a temporary hold.

We are excited for Christmas and all the Christmas festivities! So far we have already had a Christmas party with some of my friends and my work holiday party. We won a DVD player which is fun!