Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ryder 19 months

Someday I'll get better at this... 
 Ryder is 19 months old and such a big boy! I cannot believe how smart he is. I thought I'd take the time to record the smart, silly, fun things he's up to... 

He is saying so much I can't even count how many words. His newest are Boo Boo (Blue's Clues with hand motions and everything), more, bebe (baby), da (dad) 

 He likes to play a game where he'll point to himself and say bebe? And then he'll point to everyone else to see if they are a bebe. Today he started seeing if he was Da da? 

 He loves watching Blue's Clues and still like The Wiggles 

 He absolutely loves being outside and helping his daddy any way he can. 

He is starting to be able to match animals. We have a file folder game where you match the head of an animal with the tail and he gets most of them right. He gets a few of the colors right. He also has a animal puzzle and he knows where the animals go, he just doesn't quite know how to line them up.

Ryder got a new pet, a beta fish named Red. 

He had his first smoothie last night and LOVED it! It was banana and strawberry. He even got a big boy cup and only spilled once

We went on a family date for Labor Day. We went to the Dollar Theater and saw Lorax. He did great when he was eating popcorn, but then he wanted to get down and play. After that we went to the little play area at the mall. He had fun!

He loves ducks! He loves to shout it whenever he sees one! He thinks every bird is a duck! 

We are slowly working on potty training. My real intent was to work with him so he wouldn't be scared of the potty when we did start trying, but he actually does go every once in a while.

Something I forgot to ever mention, Ryder had his first fili bs experience July 20th, 2012 He got his own burrito and devoured it!