Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bike Ride

Last night we spent a good chunk of money on some new bike stuff. Ryder & I got helmets (we'll order Chase a new one online because they only had 1 in store). I got a new bike seat so my rump doesn't hurt the second I get on the bike. And a bike lock so we can keep our bikes:)

Ryder loves his new hat!

 Today Ryder & I went on our first real ride without Daddy! (Well actually it so happened that he didn't have school so Chase rode with us their and then went to work.) We rode to the Library on 1st St and Mesa Dr. it is 2.7 Miles from our house so round trip around 5.5 miles. However we had like an hour brake at the Library so it's not too bad. We go there (Almost) every Thursday for the baby lapsit class. Ryder loves it!
 He fell asleep on the way home. He loves it in his trailer. He cries now sometimes when we get in the car, he'd rather take the bikes. We are hoping to make bikes a main way of transportation for us, a little at a time...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Ryder's I'm so smart moment of the day...

Earlier today I went to the restroom. Yep, I go too! I used up the last of the toilet paper and like usual, I got side tracked and forgot to replace the roll. So later when I needed to go again I find myself sitting on the toilet without any tp... What do I do??? Luckily for me, like usual Ryder followed me into the bathroom. I showed him the empty roll and said “Ryder, can you go in the other bathroom and get me the toilet paper?” He left and came back with the roll! What a smart boy! Then he told me he needed to “poop” which he says for poop and pee so I set him on the toilet. I left him to do his thing while I replaced the TP in the other bathroom. Checked on him and he peed! What a big/ smart boy!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


We have been smoothie crazy in the Gibson home lately! They are so good!!! Plus fruit has been pretty cheap lately too. Tonight we had a fun time, Ryder even got to help put everything in the blender. He is such a good helper!!!

Ryder loves doing Cheers!

Story behind the mugs. We love A&W Rootbeer. Unfortunately there aren't many around anymore. On our Honeymoon almost 3 years ago we stopped at one on our way to the Grand Canyon. That is where we got the 2 big mugs. Then when we were in Washington when Ryder was 3 weeks old we went to one there and got 2 little shot glass mugs. It is adorable!!!

So the smoothies kind of look like the antidote from TMNT II, but they were good!!!