Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Ryder's I'm so smart moment of the day...

Earlier today I went to the restroom. Yep, I go too! I used up the last of the toilet paper and like usual, I got side tracked and forgot to replace the roll. So later when I needed to go again I find myself sitting on the toilet without any tp... What do I do??? Luckily for me, like usual Ryder followed me into the bathroom. I showed him the empty roll and said “Ryder, can you go in the other bathroom and get me the toilet paper?” He left and came back with the roll! What a smart boy! Then he told me he needed to “poop” which he says for poop and pee so I set him on the toilet. I left him to do his thing while I replaced the TP in the other bathroom. Checked on him and he peed! What a big/ smart boy!

1 comment:

  1. Best story I've heard today BY FAR! He's the cutest thing! :-) (But now I need to start trying to potty train my little Violet, it seems!)