Friday, December 2, 2011


I hate to do one large post like this, but having no computer makes it a little hard to stay up to date. So highlights of November:

We had our first ever yard sale. We got rid of a lot of crap which was the point of the whole thing. We also made $35. I learned somethings so if we ever do it again we'll be a little more prepared.

Ryder is now crawling with his tummy off the ground (not sure if I've blogged about that yet.) He is super fast and getting into a lot of things.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with lots of food. We love our family and are so grateful to have most of them nearby.

We did Black Friday! I love it! We got a new camera to replace the one that was stolen. We also bought a few Christmas presents. One of our brother's got a new big screen T.V. so he gave us his old one. THANKS BRIAN & ASHLEE! It didn't fit our entertainment center so we bought a new one off Craigslist for $20! It looks really nice.

Chase celebrated his 24th birthday. It was a busy day. Doughnuts in the morning with some family and (leftover) doughnuts and games at night with some friends.

In between doughnuts we went to the Leslie Family Reunion. It was a lot of gun. I'll do a seperate post on that.

Our brother did give us a computer to use until we get a new one for us, so the Gibson home should be up to date technology wise soon. (well minus the whole no T.V. thing.) Hopefully we'll be more up to date on this thing.

And in case you didn't hear. I started a craft, DIY blog with my sis in law. Check it out and follow us. We need the support.

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

If you aren't safe at home where are you?

Post will be a lot fewer for a little bit. Last Tuesday we came home from being gone all day and found our bedroom turned upside down. Someone had broken into our home and stole our laptop, digital camera, around $70 in coins and 7 or 8 $2 bills that Chase had saved from Dominos tip to give to our children. They also took the bag I use to carry my Primary stuff most likely to carry all their "goods".

There was no sign of how they entered our house. Our best guess is that we locked our door, but it didn't close all the way. There was another home on our street that was broken into also, but they came home so they didn't really have anything stolen. Just their door was kicked in.

I was a little freaked out at first mainly because I thought, what would have happened if Ryder & I were home when they came. Were they willing to hurt others? Then I was freaking out, what would have happened if they were still in our house when we came home? We were home for like 20 minutes before we even realized it.

That night was so hard for me to sleep, knowing that someone was in our home. I mean they went through our private spaces, my bras were tossed around our room and I was suppose to be ok with that. I am now paranoid with every little noise I heard. So life has been a little crazy lately.

One good thing out of this is no computer= no internet! Less wasted time! I've been able to get a lot done lately. Except now we have to go over to our parents for everything. I use the internet alot. Google is my brain.

So amid all of this last week I thought to myself, if you can't feel safe at home where can you??? My mind immediately turned to the Temple. I am so grateful for that safety beacon in my life. I don't take advantage of it enough. I am grateful that I live so close to one and am able to go pretty much whenever I desire to. (Except when my recommend expires, Bad Courtney!). The Temple is a great blessing in my life. I'm so glad I had parents that raised me in the Church and now I have that responsibility to teach Ryder and future children.

So I've decided that is Heavenly Father's way of telling us we spend too much time online and we don't take advantage of the Temple in our lives, so now I've on a quest to make those things better. See, good trumps all!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Disney Movie Marathon: Pinocchio

We finally finished Pinocchio! This movie took us FOR-EV-ER! We had to force ourselves to watch it. I never realized how much I did not like this movie. It is bad! I think this might be one that we don't introduce to our kids really. The whole pleasure island thing is just depressing. What was Walt thinking. For it being his 2nd movie it's surprising that he made it as big as he did.

So now to our favorite parts, I (Courtney) love the beginning, it is such a happy movie. Them dancing around wishing a stars. It's a nice family feel. The middle I just want to skip and then the end of the movie is nice to. Not much of a critic, but I just don't get excited about this movie.

Next up is Fantasia

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So Sunday morning before Church I was getting a snack for Ryder to take with him ready. I set him down as I was digging through his diaper bag... BONK! He had reached to get his pacifier and toppled over. He hit his head on the desk and immediately had a bruise and a HUGE bump on his head.

He is such a tough guy though because he didn't cry that long. I felt so bad! So then we went to church and Everyone was like, "What happened to his head?!?!?!" I felt so bad. This is his first big crash. I was kind of freaking out a little bit, I wasn't sure what to do, like if it was bad enough to take him to the Dr or anything.

So anyway, here it is... his first BIG BONK!

This picture was taken Sunday night, so like maybe 12 hours after he hit his head. Nothing damps his spirit! Look at that smile. It was taken on my phone so not the best quality. Also, you can't see the bump really, but it's there, nothing like Sunday morning though.

We took this picture to send to his Uncle Dallin who is serving his Mission in Spain. Monday was his birthday so we emailed him. It just happened to be his P-Day so he got to see this on his actual birthday. We are so lucky that Ryder has great Uncles and Aunts that are good examples to him!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Break

This week has been so nice! Chase had the week off of work for Fall Break! He still had to go to class, but it was still nice. It was so nice to have him home for the week and it went by too fast. Some highlights of the week:

Monday we invited my Nephew Tristen over to play Risk. He saw it on my mom-in-law's game shelf when my surprise birthday party was over there and he made it very clear that we wanted to play it. So we had Circle K drinks and M&M's and set out on a quest for global domination! My sister made it clear that didn't know how to play and that they more just play with the guys. He liked our version though so mission accomplished. By the way... I WON:)

Tuesday we celebrated our Anniversary early and you can see my fears of this trip here. It was a nice little staycation. We went to the Radisson and pretty much just hung out at the hotel. We went to the casino for dinner. Now keep in mind we are not gambling people nor do we smoke, drink, or dress trashy... well at least we don't think we do. We felt out of place and the building reeked of smoke. Luckily you couldn't smell it in the restaurant. I felt filthy being there. Needless to say we did not go back. We went in the hot tub at night, it was relaxing.

Wednesday bfast we headed over to Fountain Hills and went to Denny's a Packer favorite... and not favorite (whole nother story). I wish I would have thought about it more and planned something to do in Fountain Hills. We went swimming again and played in the little fountains they have that shoot out of the ground. Felt like a little kid:) After checking out we went to the hotel restaurant to spend out free $30 we got with our Groupon deal. We both ordered and sandwich that came with fries and a house salad and we spent like 2 bucks! Nice!! And it was so good!

Here is a picture of us outside the elevator. It was my quest to take a picture of the two of us together. Of course I do it after we have gone swimming so my hair isn't nice...
After the hotel we went to Mesa High and played Tennis. It was a lot of fun and hope we can keep it up:

Thursday baby Daxton Kent Packer was born:) Unfortunately because of time he was born and our schedule we weren't able to see him until Friday. This day is kind of a blur to me and it was only yesterday. There weren't any main things that happened, just little things like errands, I think we slept in.Chase beat me in Rack-o that we bought at a yard sale for $.50!

Friday we were going to go to the temple and then play tennis, but bad Courtney let her recommend expire! It's the first time I've needed to worry about it so I guess it just slipped my mind. Oops! So we skipped the Temple and just played tennis. We are alot better since Wednesday and it is still fun so that is good. We took a nap:) Eewww! I hate waking up from a nap all hot and sweaty. We were washing out bed sheets so I napped on the couch and our front room gets so hot in the middle of that day. It was gross! Then we went and saw baby Daxton! He is so cute:) Then me & Chase parted ways. Chase went to a guys night and played Halo with fam/ friends. He still isn't back and I can't sleep without him, hence the late night post. The girls had a craft night and My mom-in-law taught us how to make these pumpkins:) They are so cute!

Sorry, my camera isn't the best and our lighting is orangy in the living room. I would post these on my new craft blog I'm doing, but this isn't my craft so maybe Barb can be a guest poster sometime:) Anyways, I made 5 of them, plus a little ball for Ryder:) Now to find a spot to put them, or just leave them on this shelf, didn't know if it gave them enough room.

Saturday plans, not a whole lot. I'm watching My niece and nephew because their parents are in the hospital with their new bundle. Tomorrow night Gibson's are having a family dinner because Jaxon is in town! Oh, and his parents:) We are doing a soup and salad potluck and Chase & I are making chicken Cesar salad. YUM!

That's pretty much it for our break. It's been so nice having Chase home especially when Ryder wakes up in the morning, "Chase, your turn." :) I'm so lucky to have a husband that is so willing to help me with whatever I need, no matter the time of day.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2 years!

Technically our Anniversary isn't until the 30th, but we are celebrating early. We are staying the night at the Radisson at the Fort McDowell Casino. We got a deal on groupon for $89 and it includes the 1 night stay, the $10 resort fee, and $30 in food credit (probably wont get us much). Pretty coo though. And the nice part is that it is already paid for months ago so it feels like we are getting this little trip for free.

The only bummer about this trip is it will be my first night without Ryder:( I'm not really looking forward to it, but at the same time it will be nice to sleep through the night. My sister Brittany is watching him. I hope he does good for her, I am a little worried because he has been very clingy and cries a lot sometimes when I am not there.

It is hard to pack for Ryder. I don't know what he'll need because when I'm there usually I am enough for him. So I'm trying to think of anything and Everything that would help make this night better for him.

Chase and I don't have plans besides hanging out at the hotel. They have a nice pool, but it's October so not sure how that will go. They do have a hot tub (not in room). Not sure how much of the casino scene we'll do.

After check out we are hoping to go to Mesa High and play some Tennis. For some reason we've had the craving to play and on Saturday we went to a yard sale next door to Chase's mom's house and they were selling 2 tennis rackets for like 5 bucks each or something. Jackpot!

I'm determined to have at least one picture taken of the 2 of us. Last anniversary we have a few pictures, but we aren't in them together.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Never would have guessed this when I was younger, but birthdays aren't as fun when you are older. No one cares as much and it's just sad that you are getting older and older. I just turned 23 on the 7th. It was nice.

The say before Chase planned a surprise party for me with family and rootbeer floats. It was nice! However I am sad because I never got any cake and candles...

Chase and I decided not to do presents this year because we are going to Disneyland in December and we are saving money for a down payment if we ever find a house that we love and don't get out bid. So for him to throw a party was a big surprise, especially because that type of thing isn't Chase like.

So for the next couple of weeks Chase and I are the same age. I'm trying to think of something to do for him that doesn't cost anything. Every year it's the same thing "I don't need anything"! Drives me crazy:)

I have a few homemade ideas or low cost so I'm getting pretty excited. I'll let you know how it goes.

Also, on a non Birthday note, my sister-in-law, her cousin, and I have started a blog about crafts, food, fun, etc. Not sure what will come of it, but it should be fun. If you want to check it out you can find it here. It doesn't have anything yet, but it should soon.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My big boy!

I received this outfit Ryder is wearing at my baby shower that was in December 2010. I remember opening it and thinking this looks big! I've been staring at this outfit in Ryder's closet for 9 months thinking this looks big! Well the day has come that this "big" outfit is fitting my "big" boy. He'll be 8 months on Saturday and not a day goes by that I don't realize how much of a blessing he is! I love him so much and am so grateful to have him in my life! Love you Ryder!

Rolling, rolling, rolling!

Ryder will be 8 months on Saturday! Even though he is not crawling yet (he is very close though) he definitely is a mobile boy! The other night he was rolling around in our dinning area so I took a few pictures. He is such a happy boy!

Also, one of his favorite things is to stand! He has to hold on to something and sometimes he will lean. It's cute though because he'll look at his feet as if he's checking to see if he's really doing it.


Eating update...

I hope this doesn't ruin your expectations, but this is Ryder's update not an update of what Chase and I have been eating lately...

So Ryder is the best eater ever! So far he has eaten everything except some yogurt we bought (the new Greek kind). He even still ate that, but I tried it and decided I wasn't going to give it to him it was so gross!

Lately we tried a new snack and as a bonus it is teaching him to self feed. On the down side, the next day he picked something off the floor and put it in his mouth.

So Ryder's new favorite snack is toast. Plain of course it's not like I'm going to load this kid with butter or anything. I eat the crust and he eats the middle torn into about 5 pieces, sometimes not even all of it. It's nice because I can give it to him and he feeds himself and then I can eat. I stay right next to him though just in case. He's only choked a little once and that was because he was trying to shove the whole piece in his mouth.

We also finally bought Ryder a high chair. He loves it! And it has made feeding him so much easier, I'm wishing I would have done it earlier. No more bumbo for him! And the awesome thing is that it folds up really easy so we could take it over to grandparents house if we needed to since Ryder has so many close cousins and I'm sure future baby Gibson's will have close cousins too.

Brag Book

2 years ago I participated in my wards secret sister activity. The whole month of January we were to secretly deliver gifts to our sisters.

Some examples of things that I gave was homemade guacamole and a bag of tortilla chips because she liked Mexican food.

I gave her a Mystery book that I bought at Deseret Book a long time ago that I never got into because she said she liked mystery books from Deseret. By the way, in a card I told her that I never got into this book and I hoped she enjoyed it more than I did, it's not like I tried passing it off as a new book.

I don't remember what else. But on the last night because she is a Grandma so I gave her a brag book that I made myself. I used mostly scraps and was all stuff that I already had on hand. So really it's like it cost me nothing. With the brag book I also gave her a homemade banana cream pie (it's under the book so you see it in all of the pictures.)

I just picked a size, I don't remember how big now, 5x5 maybe. So I cut all the white cardstock to the right size and decorated my pages. Then I hole punched through, added binder clips and tied on ribbon. EASY!

I really just wanted to do this post so I could delete these pictures:)

A slew of pictures:)

Now I don't know how many is in a slew so I may be a little of on the amount of pictures I have, but anywho...

here is a random post of random pictures. Some may have captions some may just be thrown up here for you to admire Ryder's adorable face:) Enjoy!

This one looks like he is doing a duck call or something...

Love, love, LOVE this one! He is such a happy baby! We are so blessed!!!

Love these eyes!

Deer in headlights...

Hint Hint Mema, he loved playing with Emma's blocks...

waiting for Daddy's alumni concert to start...
Align Center

Sitting in the high chair for the FIRST time. YEAH!!!

He loves kicking those legs!