Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2 years!

Technically our Anniversary isn't until the 30th, but we are celebrating early. We are staying the night at the Radisson at the Fort McDowell Casino. We got a deal on groupon for $89 and it includes the 1 night stay, the $10 resort fee, and $30 in food credit (probably wont get us much). Pretty coo though. And the nice part is that it is already paid for months ago so it feels like we are getting this little trip for free.

The only bummer about this trip is it will be my first night without Ryder:( I'm not really looking forward to it, but at the same time it will be nice to sleep through the night. My sister Brittany is watching him. I hope he does good for her, I am a little worried because he has been very clingy and cries a lot sometimes when I am not there.

It is hard to pack for Ryder. I don't know what he'll need because when I'm there usually I am enough for him. So I'm trying to think of anything and Everything that would help make this night better for him.

Chase and I don't have plans besides hanging out at the hotel. They have a nice pool, but it's October so not sure how that will go. They do have a hot tub (not in room). Not sure how much of the casino scene we'll do.

After check out we are hoping to go to Mesa High and play some Tennis. For some reason we've had the craving to play and on Saturday we went to a yard sale next door to Chase's mom's house and they were selling 2 tennis rackets for like 5 bucks each or something. Jackpot!

I'm determined to have at least one picture taken of the 2 of us. Last anniversary we have a few pictures, but we aren't in them together.

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