Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Break

This week has been so nice! Chase had the week off of work for Fall Break! He still had to go to class, but it was still nice. It was so nice to have him home for the week and it went by too fast. Some highlights of the week:

Monday we invited my Nephew Tristen over to play Risk. He saw it on my mom-in-law's game shelf when my surprise birthday party was over there and he made it very clear that we wanted to play it. So we had Circle K drinks and M&M's and set out on a quest for global domination! My sister made it clear that didn't know how to play and that they more just play with the guys. He liked our version though so mission accomplished. By the way... I WON:)

Tuesday we celebrated our Anniversary early and you can see my fears of this trip here. It was a nice little staycation. We went to the Radisson and pretty much just hung out at the hotel. We went to the casino for dinner. Now keep in mind we are not gambling people nor do we smoke, drink, or dress trashy... well at least we don't think we do. We felt out of place and the building reeked of smoke. Luckily you couldn't smell it in the restaurant. I felt filthy being there. Needless to say we did not go back. We went in the hot tub at night, it was relaxing.

Wednesday bfast we headed over to Fountain Hills and went to Denny's a Packer favorite... and not favorite (whole nother story). I wish I would have thought about it more and planned something to do in Fountain Hills. We went swimming again and played in the little fountains they have that shoot out of the ground. Felt like a little kid:) After checking out we went to the hotel restaurant to spend out free $30 we got with our Groupon deal. We both ordered and sandwich that came with fries and a house salad and we spent like 2 bucks! Nice!! And it was so good!

Here is a picture of us outside the elevator. It was my quest to take a picture of the two of us together. Of course I do it after we have gone swimming so my hair isn't nice...
After the hotel we went to Mesa High and played Tennis. It was a lot of fun and hope we can keep it up:

Thursday baby Daxton Kent Packer was born:) Unfortunately because of time he was born and our schedule we weren't able to see him until Friday. This day is kind of a blur to me and it was only yesterday. There weren't any main things that happened, just little things like errands, I think we slept in.Chase beat me in Rack-o that we bought at a yard sale for $.50!

Friday we were going to go to the temple and then play tennis, but bad Courtney let her recommend expire! It's the first time I've needed to worry about it so I guess it just slipped my mind. Oops! So we skipped the Temple and just played tennis. We are alot better since Wednesday and it is still fun so that is good. We took a nap:) Eewww! I hate waking up from a nap all hot and sweaty. We were washing out bed sheets so I napped on the couch and our front room gets so hot in the middle of that day. It was gross! Then we went and saw baby Daxton! He is so cute:) Then me & Chase parted ways. Chase went to a guys night and played Halo with fam/ friends. He still isn't back and I can't sleep without him, hence the late night post. The girls had a craft night and My mom-in-law taught us how to make these pumpkins:) They are so cute!

Sorry, my camera isn't the best and our lighting is orangy in the living room. I would post these on my new craft blog I'm doing, but this isn't my craft so maybe Barb can be a guest poster sometime:) Anyways, I made 5 of them, plus a little ball for Ryder:) Now to find a spot to put them, or just leave them on this shelf, didn't know if it gave them enough room.

Saturday plans, not a whole lot. I'm watching My niece and nephew because their parents are in the hospital with their new bundle. Tomorrow night Gibson's are having a family dinner because Jaxon is in town! Oh, and his parents:) We are doing a soup and salad potluck and Chase & I are making chicken Cesar salad. YUM!

That's pretty much it for our break. It's been so nice having Chase home especially when Ryder wakes up in the morning, "Chase, your turn." :) I'm so lucky to have a husband that is so willing to help me with whatever I need, no matter the time of day.

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