Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So Sunday morning before Church I was getting a snack for Ryder to take with him ready. I set him down as I was digging through his diaper bag... BONK! He had reached to get his pacifier and toppled over. He hit his head on the desk and immediately had a bruise and a HUGE bump on his head.

He is such a tough guy though because he didn't cry that long. I felt so bad! So then we went to church and Everyone was like, "What happened to his head?!?!?!" I felt so bad. This is his first big crash. I was kind of freaking out a little bit, I wasn't sure what to do, like if it was bad enough to take him to the Dr or anything.

So anyway, here it is... his first BIG BONK!

This picture was taken Sunday night, so like maybe 12 hours after he hit his head. Nothing damps his spirit! Look at that smile. It was taken on my phone so not the best quality. Also, you can't see the bump really, but it's there, nothing like Sunday morning though.

We took this picture to send to his Uncle Dallin who is serving his Mission in Spain. Monday was his birthday so we emailed him. It just happened to be his P-Day so he got to see this on his actual birthday. We are so lucky that Ryder has great Uncles and Aunts that are good examples to him!

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