Thursday, October 20, 2011

Disney Movie Marathon: Pinocchio

We finally finished Pinocchio! This movie took us FOR-EV-ER! We had to force ourselves to watch it. I never realized how much I did not like this movie. It is bad! I think this might be one that we don't introduce to our kids really. The whole pleasure island thing is just depressing. What was Walt thinking. For it being his 2nd movie it's surprising that he made it as big as he did.

So now to our favorite parts, I (Courtney) love the beginning, it is such a happy movie. Them dancing around wishing a stars. It's a nice family feel. The middle I just want to skip and then the end of the movie is nice to. Not much of a critic, but I just don't get excited about this movie.

Next up is Fantasia

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  1. i like when jimeny cricket snuggles up in that empty matches box. - Chase