Thursday, November 10, 2011

If you aren't safe at home where are you?

Post will be a lot fewer for a little bit. Last Tuesday we came home from being gone all day and found our bedroom turned upside down. Someone had broken into our home and stole our laptop, digital camera, around $70 in coins and 7 or 8 $2 bills that Chase had saved from Dominos tip to give to our children. They also took the bag I use to carry my Primary stuff most likely to carry all their "goods".

There was no sign of how they entered our house. Our best guess is that we locked our door, but it didn't close all the way. There was another home on our street that was broken into also, but they came home so they didn't really have anything stolen. Just their door was kicked in.

I was a little freaked out at first mainly because I thought, what would have happened if Ryder & I were home when they came. Were they willing to hurt others? Then I was freaking out, what would have happened if they were still in our house when we came home? We were home for like 20 minutes before we even realized it.

That night was so hard for me to sleep, knowing that someone was in our home. I mean they went through our private spaces, my bras were tossed around our room and I was suppose to be ok with that. I am now paranoid with every little noise I heard. So life has been a little crazy lately.

One good thing out of this is no computer= no internet! Less wasted time! I've been able to get a lot done lately. Except now we have to go over to our parents for everything. I use the internet alot. Google is my brain.

So amid all of this last week I thought to myself, if you can't feel safe at home where can you??? My mind immediately turned to the Temple. I am so grateful for that safety beacon in my life. I don't take advantage of it enough. I am grateful that I live so close to one and am able to go pretty much whenever I desire to. (Except when my recommend expires, Bad Courtney!). The Temple is a great blessing in my life. I'm so glad I had parents that raised me in the Church and now I have that responsibility to teach Ryder and future children.

So I've decided that is Heavenly Father's way of telling us we spend too much time online and we don't take advantage of the Temple in our lives, so now I've on a quest to make those things better. See, good trumps all!!!