Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I can't deny it!

Ryder is becoming such a big boy! Right now he is 16 1/2 months old. He amazes me everyday at the things he is learning!

He is awesome at body parts! He knows Head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, elbow, fingers, belly button, toes, feet and we are working on knees. Usually when someone asks, "Ryder where is your_______?" He points to his and then points to everyone else's in the room. It gets a little awkward when it's bellybutton. Hahaha

He loves to read! (He may in fact be squealing for me to read him a book right now.) Throughout the day he will bring me books to read to him. And anytime I change his diaper he wants me to read to him. So I'll usually read one to him and then he "reads" it while I change his diaper. He doesn't really have a favorite book, but there are some he doesn't like as much as others. I'm slowly, but surely making him a quietbook. Hopefully he will LOVE that book.

He eats pretty much everything we give him. I have no idea what his favorites are. Cheese, fruit, cottage cheese. His newest food is chips. Today at the summer free lunch program at Harris Elementary they had Nachos. I let him eat it to see how he did and he loved it! He did so good! He loves to dip his food! I try to include a dip when I can. He usually will just suck off the dip and then eat what ever was dipped. We have been so lucky that Ryder is such a good eater!

Ryder's vocabulary is expanding! The other day we went to the Mesa Arizona Temple and walked around the visitors center. Ryder would point to the pictures of Jesus and say "Jeez". If that doesn't make me feel like a good Mom I don't know what does. Our son knows who Jesus is!!! Some of his other new words is Poot (poop), Sit (used around the dogs, will also point to the ground kind of like how we do when we tell them to sit), boot (Book), He says Dat (meaning he wants something, replacing "ink" if you read his 15 month post).  Ball is still his most used word.

On top of vocal communication Ryder does some sign language. He mostly does More and is starting to do Please. I'm really hoping he'll get the hang of please soon. Right now he just screams...

We love our Ryder Bug and are so grateful to have him in our life!

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