Monday, May 7, 2012

Ryder 15 moths check up

Ryder is doing great! He was the perfect patient at the Doctors Office. I'm kind of annoyed with the Dr right now because the Dr. we had when Ryder was first born moved to a different office or I don't even know what happened to him. I was bummed because I really liked him. So I met with the new Dr and liked him even more. Well now he is gone. I'm starting to consider switching to a different Dr. Not only have the Docs been changing, but the waiting room doesn't have anything in it for kids. No toys or books! They do have a well room and a sick room that is actually separated by a wall! (My sister went to one that was separated by a huge fish take so sick air could get in and out and then you had to walk through the sick room to get to the room. No sense at all!). The office I go to also has a movie playing which helps.

Anyways here are his stats:
Height: 31 inches 50%
Weight: 24lbs 12 oz 50%
Head: 49 inches 90%

Some of the questions asked:

  •  How many words can he say? Around 5 consistently
  •  How many hours is he sleeping a day? Around 13
  • Can he point out body parts? Sometimes. Ryder where is your nose, nothing. Ryder where is your eyes Nailed it! We've really only worked on eyes and nose and ears.
  • Does he do things you ask him to do. Ex. go get your shoes and bring them to Mommy. (2 part commands). Yes he does for the most part.
  • Does he interact with other kids. More than just playing beside them. Yes! He thinks he can do everything the big kids can.
  • Does he know how to do stairs? Yes he crawls up and down them.
  • Does he point out animals like in books? Only dog
  • Does he listen to you read to him. Yes he loves books!
  • How is his appetite? He eats pretty much anything we give him.
  • How does he act when you leave him with someone else, like Grandma? He does fine for the most part. Usually if he is tired that is when he fusses when we leave.
  • Does he use a spoon when eating? I give him one with almost every meal, but he just holds it in one hand and eats with the other one. Sometimes he'll stab at food with the wrong end of the spoon.
They said that he was doing great! He had to get 2 shots:( He handled it pretty well though. he is such a tough guy! Next appointment will be in August.

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  1. I love our doctor for Noah. We go to the gilbert pediatrics. I'm pretty sure all the doctors are lds (ours is for sure) which is nice. Our Doctor is Dr. Auxier. He is always so helpful with questions we have and great with Noah. They have toys and a play house and tv in the waiting room and toys on the wall to play with. Also they have separate entrances and waiting rooms for sick and well check ups.
    Glad that Ryder is doing so great :)