Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother Nature's water day

Where did that rain come from last night! It was completely out of no where. All of a sudden I get a call from Chase seeing how the dogs were because it was pouring where he was. Sure enough there was a pretty heavy rain coming down.

I took this opportunity to re-introduce Ryder with rain. Living in Arizona it doesn't come around very often and I didn't want to miss this chance.

He wasn't so sure of it at first, but he grew to love it! 


Pretty sure the dogs were not excited about the rain. Everytime there was thunder, Ella would bark and run around the yard.

Ella (left) & Tonka (right)

You can't tell here, but he is flapping his arms up and down.

 After one of the first lightening strikes he pointed to the camera. Did he think it was the flash? Haha he's so funny!

 I wish I would have gotten his face more. It looks very fun! You can kind of see how wet he got.

Ryder was kind of done playing, but Daddy was going to be home soon. So we got a jacket on him and laid out a blanket and sat watching the rain until Daddy was home.

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