Monday, May 10, 2010

Be Kind, Please Rewind:) 2009

Met each other June 1st (although Chase first laid eyes on beautiful Courtney back in early September '08)
June 11th First date
June 13th First Planned date

June 19th Started Dating
First trip together (6 Flags)

July 24th Finally he PROPOSED!!!!

August- Late October are a blurr from being busy planning... Just busy loving each other!

30th Sealed to each other for Eternity!!!

1st-3rd Honeymoon in Southern Utah & Northern Arizona. Hot spots include, but not limited to,

Grand Canyon North Rim

Zion National Park
And our cute little "bed and breakfast". It was the most amazing place ever they took our order every night and in the morning we had fresh eggs and pancakes etc. waiting for us sleepyheads!
We went to the Polar Express with the Packers and Walkers and saw Santa.

We had our first Thanksgiving together and I finally met my brother in law Stephen and Sister in law Jodi! It was fun. I took my first ever Gibson Family picture!!! It was also Chase's birthday, I surprised him with a new suit and tie!
Went and saw the Temple Lights with the Davis Family!

Our first Christmas!!!
And it was a white one too
Santa forgot to check his list twice this year, he was very generous!

Chase coming down the stairs (We are still learning and I'm not sure if there is a way to turn the picture. Don't strain your neck!)

Courtney coming down the stairs

All the gifts!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! And what a wonderful year it was!

Well that is our 2009 rewind, 2010 recap to come at a later date.