Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thankful: Day 2 and Ryderbug Boutique

Courtney: I'm grateful for extended family as well. They are so much fun. I love my in-laws too. I'm so glad for the people who married into my family and for the family I married into. I feel like my relationships with them are getting closer and we are hanging out a little more.

Today I hosted a boutique at my house for people to come and sell their items. I had my Ryderbug stuff, Barb did her bags and cards, Ashlee set up Scentsy, Stephanie sells chunky necklaces, Jen did her graphic home prints and invitations, Karen was doing wood signs, and My mom was selling cinnamon rolls and cookies. Then there were 2 other friends there. It was so much fun being surrounded by family! It was a great time. We all had at least one sale and most did really well for being such a small event. Looking forward to giving the spring a try. Definitely again next Fall. It was great to have their support and to be able to support them in their little shops.

Ryder: Bed

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