Sunday, January 30, 2011

The end is in sight...!

So this 9 month journey has definitely been crazy! Especially with the recent turn of events.

I guess I should have knocked on wood whenever I said that I've had an easy pregnancy.

Just thought I'd relay some events that happened to our family last week that. last Tuesday I went to bed feeling fine, I woke up at about 2am ish with pain in my lower abdominal area and was shaking. For the first time in 9 months I was freezing and there was nothing I could do about it. I remembered in my reading that one of the symptoms (can't think of a better word) of contractions was cold feet and uncontrollable shaking. Plus with the pain I was having I thought maybe this was it. We were debating whether we should go to the hospital or not, because I wasn't able to time the "contractions" and I really didn't want to look silly going to the hospital and find out it is nothing. As Chase was gathering a few things I remained in bed seeing if I could make a decision on what I thought this was. I also took my temperature to make sure it wasn't a fever, it was a 98 something. So after my wonderful husband got everything together we decided we should go to the hospital and get it checked out, atleast then we would know what was going on.

So we arrived at the hospital around 3am and started getting all my vitals. My heart rate was high, and so was Ryder's. I was scared. Normal heart beat for a baby that far along is between like 120 and 140 (I think) they said. Ryder's was like in the 180 range. this was not comforting to me to hear. They also checked my temp but it was like a 103 degrees. I remember now that I was drinking water and that probably affected by temp while we were at home.

So here I was, the day before my due date, a high temperature, and both of our heart beats were going crazy. They drew some blood, stuck an IV in me and put my on an oxygen mask to help calm Ryder down. They day before Chase & I ran out of water at our house so I was pretty dehydrated too. I felt like a horrible mom. Here I am suppose to be taking care of my unborn son and I felt like I failed. I was so worried something would happen. They made it sound like there was a chance that they would try to get this baby out. I didn't want it like this, as much as I wanted Ryder to be here, I didn't want it to be like this. they had me relax for a few hours and eventually moved me to the labor & Delivery room and notified my Dr.

After tests on my urine & blood, they discovered that their was protein in my urine, which is a sign of pre-eclampsia. Also, my platelet count in my blood was low. After waiting HOURS for my Dr. to finally show up she decided that I had a virus and that is why I wasn't feeling well. She also decided not to deliver, she didn't want to with my health. She didn't want to put too much stress on me or Ryder, she had nurses give me antibiotics for the remainder of my stay. She had me stay overnight wanted to do another blood test in the morning to check on my platelet count. The fear of that being low is I wouldn't be able to have an epidural and they would be worried that my blood wouldn't clot at a normal rate and I'd lose a lot of blood during delivery.

So I had to spend the night in the hospital. My loving husband was there with me the whole. I am so grateful that I actually slept pretty well. they asked if I would want a sleeping pill, but I don't feel comfortable with those.

The next morning they did the blood test and my platelet count was up a little bit so it was a sign of improvement. I had to do a 24 hour urine test at home (which sucked) and take a Z-PAC pill everyday. And I was released around 8am.

Things are going good now. My blood pressure is high and has been at my last few DR. appointments. So she had me relax this weekend. (Not sure how well I did with that). Saturday I had an appointment at the hospital. The ultrasound looked good and all my vitals were good.

Now for the exciting part! I am scheduled to be induced tomorrow (Monday) night at 8pm. So looks like Ryder is going to be a February baby! We cannot wait to bring our baby home:) I am a little scared, but I know everything will work out.

I often think of the quote from Our Savior, "I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it." Now I know he wasn't talking about giving birth and being pregnant, but it can definitely apply. I am so grateful to our Father in Heaven for Him blessing us with this child and having the chance to raise him in the gospel.

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