Monday, March 26, 2012

Crazy weekend!

So the craziness started Thursday. Chase had found out earlier in the week that the Elder's Quarm President in our ward was released. A few days later someone from the Stake Presidency asked Chase if he could come and meet with our family! His mind was going crazy for the next 24 hours or so. So Thursday night he came over and I think Chase was relived when all he wanted was to release Chase from his calling and to Thank him for his service.

Friday- Nothing really out of the ordinary. We had a kickbutt work out. We played volleyball with the Elder's it was fun and then played 2 games of softball! Man were we tired...

Saturday- We had many things on the agenda, but all that changed when Chase & I felt super sick. We both woke up sore from the previous nights activities. I was feeling not quite 100% but we had plans for a double date and didn't want to cancel. We went and saw Hunger Games (loved it!) and in the middle I rushed out of the theater fearing I would throw up on the people in front on me. Chase started feeling sick around then too. We spent the rest of the day at home napping and relaxing on the couches. Thankfully Brittany and Bryan were so willing to take Ryder off our hands so we could rest.

One of the worse parts was that we were going to hit up Goodwill half price day:(

Sunday- Woke up late for Church, but we felt like we needed to go. I needed to teach my Primary class and Chase was suppose to bare his Testimony for the Elder's. About mid day Sunday we started feeling a little better.

It's crazy how one moment you are fine and the next your whole weekend changes....

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