Thursday, October 17, 2013


If you read the previous post you know that I'm participating in a biggest loser challenge with some family members. I haven't been doing to great so far. The first day we didn't really have much healthy stuff in our house, the 2nd day I had a Mystery Shop so I had Panda Express for lunch.

Today I had made a smootie, but that doesn't fill me up at all! We had some hard boiled eggs so I thought, how about an egg salad sandwich? I love egg salad sandwiches! The toasted bread, the white bread, the mayo! Ugh, but I can't do a mayo filled sandwich when I am trying to eat healthy. Enter hummus...

So I have been wanting to make my own hummus for quite a while now sole because it is pretty healthy. I'm actually never been a fan of it, but it's growing on me. And besides the beans, everything else I had on hand so it's fairly cheap too! I used this recipe except did chili power in place of cayenne because I didn't have any. Pureed it in my food processor and it was done!

According to somewhere it's 80 calories for 2T. So I put 1T on my sandwich and used the other tablespoon for carrots. A little goes a long way when dipping. I still had a good amount left on my plate that I added to my sandwich.

I think it's a little bland and missing something? Maybe the cayenne would solve it.

I also got my arm workout today. I ground up some flax seed with our wheat grinder! I would have just bought the already ground stuff, but Winco was out so I decided to take on the task myself! Do you have any favorite uses/ recipes for flax seed? I'm just planning on using them for extra fiber in smoothies, but other ideas would be great!

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