Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kelloggs cereal couponing...

So I did my first major couponing trip! Thanks to my sister-in-law Stephanie I learned about this deal! Thanks again:)

Prior to trip I joined Kelloggs.com and was able to print off a bunch of coupons.
Here is what I purchase at Safeway...

I bought 2 of each kind of cereal. I had to do 2 different transactions and used 3 coupons in each.

Transaction # 1 I payed $10.45 saved $11.60
Transaction $ 2 I payed $10.45 saved $11.40
Total Payed $20.90 saved $23.00

Savings of 52%

Ontop of saving more then I spent I also received what couponers call catalina. This is coupons that print out based on what you purchase. So on each transaction I received $12 towards to movies. (Buy 5 Kelloggs products receive 1 more ticket). Also, 4 of the boxes of cereal I bought have codes on the inside. 4 codes= either $5 movie concession money or for a $5 gas gift card. We are choosing to do the concessions. Yay free date!!!

Also, I noticed on the Crunchy Nut Cereal there is a $1/2 coupon to be used in the future. So I got 2 of those. I hope this cereal is good because I have it all to myself:) (Chase has a peanut allergy)

This is just what I needed to get me pumped for couponing! And Chase was with me so he saw how great it was. So not only did we get more back then what we spent, we also have cereal to last us awhile. This is awesome!

Not bad for a beginner, not bad at all:)

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