Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bestdollartree deals in town...

Ok so I have tried to get my family to understand this amazing deal I have discovered, but not one will take heed of my advice so I will share with anyone who so desires to read the blog...

Dollartree sells Sara Lee bread for guess how much???

Yep, that's right $1.00!

And its' not the cheapy white bread, they have all kinds. 100% whole wheat, Multi grain, honey wheat, bagels, buns, english muffins. The only downside you can't always count on it. There were a few times I went and they didn't have any.

And to answer the question I'm sure you are thinking, "Is it expired bread?"


It does expire soon though. I purchased bread on Thursday the 30th and it had a sale by date on the 5th so that is around 6 days you have and bread will last longer than the sale by date.

Feel free to use this knowledge to your benefit and hopefully it doesn't backfire on me and now I'll never be able to get it because too many people know my secret...

Sometimes you can get some pretty good deals at the dollartree.

My other favorite find there is disposable diaper bags. These have come in handy with poopies and leaks on cloths when out and about. And they are fairly cheap when it comes to disposable bags so you don't hear a cha-ching everytime you use one.
Do you have a dollarstore find? Please share so we can all reap the benefits:)

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