Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Days

Chase and I are so spoiled! Now that I am a stay at home mom and Chase works with MPS we have summer off to do whatever we please! And whatever we please seems to be nothing, it is nice!

We have recently made some family and personal goals. It was a lot of fun and it is still fun to see our lists hung up around the house. Ryder even has a list of goals and they are where he can see them almost every time he gets his diaper changed. (yes, we are changing table people!)

A lot of our goals are the traditional ones, get in shape, get straight As, do better at reading scriptures & prayer, FHE, etc. But they are always ones that need improved. So far we are doing pretty good, but we can't start slacking!

Ryder will be 6 months old next Monday can you believe it?!?! Time really does fly. Sometimes I forget how big he's getting, I still think of him as being my little baby. He is sitting! I can't believe how fast he picked up on it. It seemed like over night he went from being wobbley to being a sitting pro! I tried doing a post of a video with him sitting but it would take forever to load and so I gave up. I'll try facebook...

He is enjoying solids and can't get enough. We've only done veggies (carrot, avacado, green beans, and potato) so far but are going to try a fruit tonight (peach).
I am giving up on potatoes for awhile though. I think he had trouble digesting them. In the middle of the night after he had them he was crying and looking as if he was having trouble pooping. (Sorry if this is TMI).

Ryder loves making noise! It is so much fun to hear all the sounds he comes up with. He's teething and as you all know, it is not fun. He has 3 that I can see coming in on the bottom and 1 on top.

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