Thursday, August 4, 2011

6 month check up!

On Monday Ryder turned 6 months! Can you believe it??? Neither can we. It has gone so fast. I know everyone warns you that it will but you don't really understand until it happens to your own.

Today we went to his check up and he is doing great! His head is 45cm (75 percentile), Height is 26 inches (50 percentile) and 18.5 lbs (50-75 percentile). Dr. said everything looked good and kept commenting that Ryder was really strong. He even made the comment that Ryder will probably walk early. Lets hope not, I'm not ready to chase him around. Haha.

He doesn't really look like he is interested in crawling yet. He loves sitting! He also, loves to eat. Veggies he has had so far; carrot, avacado, greenbean, and potato. Fruits are banana, peach, and apple. His favorites are banana and apple and carrots! He does so good and when it's one he likes he doesn't make that big of a mess. So far he has only had the real stuff. It is so EASY to make! I would recommend it. I know he'll have the jarred stuff eventually, but it's nice to make as much as I can.

Last weekend we went to Show Low and visited with Gma & Papa. It was nice and cool! they loved having Ryder visit them.

We also attended our ward campout. It was a lot of fun! We were so glad we went. There were about 11 families that came. They did a little program and families did some skits and whatnot. It was fun being with the ward members in a different enviroment. We had a little car trouble but it ended up being fine. It was our idling fan. And the same thing was making our a/c not work so great. So now our car is in tip top shape... I hope!

this weekend we are going to California to visit Stephen, Jodie and Jaxon! We are also going to stop and see Chase's dad. We are so excited it has been so long since we have seen any of them. Jaxon is getting so big! We can't wait!

I have a shopping trip (more like day) I want to blog about, but I'm kinda not in the mood to do the whole picture loading thing. Our computer takes forever!!! I'm hoping that with all the money I'm saving using coupons that we can afford a new computer.

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