Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Goodbye Summer:(

Chase started back to work today at Mesa Public Schools doing bus driving. It's nice being back on a schedule. (Please don't hate us!). But at the same time I will miss having Chase home with me all day! He would go shopping with me so if Ryder got fussy he could entertain him. We'd watch Smallville together (so sad it is almost done), and just do whatever we pleased.

Ryder is so darn cute! I can't stand it! He makes me feel so good. Like when he reaches up for me or Chase to hold him. How could I not? He is in a phase (hopefully just a phase) where he doesn't want to be left alone. He'll be sitting playing, not a care in the world and then if Chase or I leave the room he crys bloody murder. I'm not sure if this is normal or if there is something I could do so he isn't so scared of being left alone or if I should really enjoy it while it lasts?

Over the weekend we went to visit family in California. I'll post separate eventually:) It was nice.

We made a summer to do list and haven't finished much on it. Some of it I'm wanting to put a hold on to see what happens down the road because...

dun dun dun da!!!

We are going to be looking for a house to buy!!

We are so excited and cannot wait! I guess that is one plus to summer being over. Now that Chase has an income we can be approved for a loan.

So some of the projects I want to do I'm putting a hold on. For example, the Mom's Crafts letters that I got for Mother's Day. I'm wanting to wait to see if maybe we do a color scheme in our new house that I could match the letters to. Stuff like that. I know, I know buying a house takes time and chances are we wont get in until next year, So it is silly to put things off, but I don't want to have to do the same project twice. We'll see though, I may just end up doing a neutral color like black and white or something.

Anywho... Chase says summer doesn't end until he goes back to school so we still have a little more time to get our summer to do list done. Better get to work... :)

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  1. You CAN'T LEAVE us! Though I am super excited for you!