Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A craft in progress...

(I always want to start each blog with so)

As the craft bug continues to bite, I came up with a craft to make a toy for Ryder. Here is the pictures I took, but I am not done yet because I want to fill it with more treasures.

I got an empty water bottle and took off the label (what a pain!) And I filled with with fun stuff for Ryder to shake and make noise and then to look at.

I'm using beans (pinto and black) and popcorn kernels as my filler

Here are the "treasures". I just looked through my scrapbooking stuff and picked out things that I will probably never use.

I also decided I was probably never going to wear this necklace again so I cut it up.

This is what I got from it.

Some marbles from when we had our fish from our very first Christmas together.
After you gather your fun items, fill bottle and glue shut so it doesn't accidentally open. Make sure you leave room to shake.

This is how mine turned out, Not very colorful. I didn't glue mine yet because I want to see if I can find brighter things. I'll post when mine get complete.

Any ideas on things to put in would be great!

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