Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yee-Haw a barnyard baby shower

So since the baby is already like 3 weeks old I figure it is past time for me to post this. Hahahaha I received a lot of ideas from looking at other people's blogs so I hope someone gets an idea from me.

So this shower was for my sister Tiffany. She was pregnant with her 3rd boy. However, it has been around 10 years since she last had a baby shower and she has done so much for me, I felt like it would be nice to treat her to one even though she didn't want it.

We decided on doing a barnyard theme. I thought it would be so much fun and Tiff chose either barnyard or frog. The shower was at my house and since it was beginning of June in AZ it was indoors. Here are pics and I'll explain each thing a little bit.

Here is the out side of the invite. I bought the paper from michaels when it was a 5 for $1. I made around 12 invites so it wasn't so bad. The white I originally was going to cut out stripes for the lines and glue but one was a lot of work so I bought a white marker. I made templates out of cereal boxes for the boxes so I just had to trace. It went really fast once I knew what I was doing.

The barn doors opened up to the party info.Here is the info on the inside. The bling cow was from Michael's for $1 but I always used a 40%-50% off coupon. I got all different animals cow, chicken, sheep, horse and pig. Unfortunately this was a seasonal item and they no longer have them.
(For invites with the chicken bling I changed wording to Oink, Cluck, Neigh, Moo)

The napkins we got the horse ones from michaels in the $1 bin, but used a coupon. The brown ones were leftover from My brother & sister-in-laws wedding. We used the zoo pal plates that are barn animal shapes. They were so cute and fit the theme. My sister-in-law purchase these so I don't know what the cost was. Around $5 maybe? They have different animals not just duck. The cup for the silverware was michaels $1 bin also. The checker cloth was just a piece of fabric from Joannes cost me around a buck.

FOOD!!! Always the funnest part:) I decided to give each item a name and it turned out so cute! Everyone loved it!

Deviled eggs

BBQ Beef sadwhiches

How I made these was I made a dough and rolled in a ball. I placed them in a mini cupcake pan and pushed a Mini tart shaper (pampered chef item) and it made them hallowed out. I filled with pudding and put a squirt of whipped cream. They kinda melted a little and were runny. It was pretty tasty still.
We did a punch bowl for water and I bought rubber duckys that were barn themed. I got these from hobby lobby It was 6 for $3.99 I think. It was short notice so I didn't have a coupon. But I gave them to Tiff after so it doubled as a gift:)

These are a fav in my family! It is just the little smokies wrapped in bacon and then sprinkle in brown sugar and bake! So good!!!

Typical veggie tray. We arranged in rows to look more like a garden. We also had a bowl of watermelon. (One of her cravings at the time and Dr.'s orders to eat watermelon)

We did a diaper raffle which in my opinion is one of the greatest ideas ever! She got a ton of diapers. We gave away 2 prizes and $15 walmart gift card and a $5 gift card to Bahama Bucks.

The shower turned out wonderful, everyone was generous and she received a lot of fun stuff to welcome her new baby boy!


  1. wow, that turned out awesome! i love all the details. The diaper raffle looks like a super good idea! Debating (SOMEDAY) when I have kids whether to use cloth diapers or regular diapers...but its always handy to have disposable ones on hand Im sure! :)

  2. I had no interest in cloth diapers, but I'm sure it would save you a ton of money! The good thing is once you make a decision, you don't have to stick with it:)