Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Coupon trip at Frys

This is one of my best couponing trips. Here is the picture and below is what went down. Everything is pre tax FYI.

Toilet paper: 4.99 (We were desperate for TP down to 1/2 a roll. I've never bought this kind before and never will again. It is cheap for a reason)
*This was not a deal!

Minute Maid frozen lemonade: FREE
On sale 10/10 I had 2 $.50 off 1 coupons, but at the lovely Fry's all coupons are a buck!

Colgate toothpaste: FREE
This was a clearance Item for $.89, I had a coupon for $.75 off but like above it equals a buck off. I had 2 coupons but only bought 1 in case I don't like that kind. Kind of wish I would have just done the 2 because coupon expires monday I think.

3 Muskateers: FREE
Cost 2/1.00 I had a coupon get $1 off 2 3 muskateer candy bars.

Huggies wipes: Around $.60
This was amazing! I really lucked out. Ok so they had a sign up that was buy 5 get $5 off. That makes them $.99 each. I had a coupon $.75 off but equaled $1 at Fry's. I checked out and realized the price seemed high. Realized I was charged full price ($1.99) for the wipes. I went to customer service and they fixed it because they left the sign up but the have to honor it. Side note: I had a raincheck for this same deal so if they weren't going to do it I was going to use a rain check anyways. Ontop of this deal and my coupon Fry's apparently has a policy that if they ring something up wrong you get some kind of discount so I got an additional $1 off. So I paid $3 for the 5 packs of wipes! This is a great deal AND I love these wipes so much more than the Parent's choice.

So I spent around $9 total for the stuff pictured above!

It is hard for me to calculate savings because I had to do a return and stuff.

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