Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter Weekend 2012

Finally getting around to posting about Easter. It was a fun day and Ryder really enjoyed it!

The day before was filled with festivities too! In the morning my parents ward did and Easter Bfast. It had yummy pancakes and tons of eggs. Ryder was too slow and only got a few eggs, but he had the most fun there I think! He loves being outside!

Saturday was my Grandma's 90th Birthday! Can you believe it??? Us girls [minus Steph & Little Britt:( ] took Grandma out to lunch. It was fun to spend time with her and gives my Grandpa some time to himself:)

That night we got together with Friends and Family and celebrated! We had catered food from Some Burros and enjoyed each others company. The cousins had a blast (as always) playing with each other. Love you Grandma!

Easter morning we woke up to this from the Easter Bunny and plastic eggs all around the house for Ryder to find.

Water/sand table
Each of us got our own chocolate bunny
Dog Treats
2 books
ABC & Counting CD
Eggs with candy in them
(The Easter Bunny always leaves something churchy, this year was a CTR Tie tac)

Ryder wasn't sure what we were talking about when we got him out of his crib, but he was excited all the same.

He had to stop and make a basket before searching for eggs

He was very excited about that ball!

So sad this picture came out blurry:(

So Handsome!

Those are Ryder's new church shoes. Last night heading home from Grandma's party (9:30pm) I decided I wanted Ryder to have church shoes. Payless was closed, checked Target and these were all they had. Definitely room for his feet to grow.

Easter Egg Hunt @ Mema & Pampas!
We decided to do plastic eggs this year because no one really had time to color eggs. Each person brought how many they wanted their kid to walk away with. Chase had a fun time hiding them. The age range was from 10 years to 9 months.

Ryder loved Easter. Can't wait for him to be older so we can do more things to teach him the real reason for Easter!

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