Friday, April 6, 2012

Zoo Trip

My sister's zoo membership expires this month so we want to get a few more times in before it does. We went to the zoo on Wednesday. It was a lot of fun. Only downside is Wednesdays are field trip day so there are a ton of kids there.

When we first got there we had to wait for Preggers (aka Brittany) to go to the bathroom. As we waited some ducks came up to us. Kaden even touched it. The kids had fun chasing after the ducks.

An unplanned tradition is we always go to the reptiles first. That is what Kaden always says he wants to see first.

This is about the time Ryder went wild looking at everything. He had some much fun. He could walk around and go where he pleased...

Outside of the reptile place they have this little half wall that has some birds in it. Ryder wanted nothing more, but to look over this wall that was just his size.

He'd even get up on his tippy toes!

As we were walking around having a swell time we came across this fowl. We decided to make friends with it...

Even Mema tried befriending him.
He followed us for about 30 seconds, we named him Fred. He was our friend...

Until Ryder chased after him...
Sad day, all well, Ryder had fun!

This was the first trip that Ryder actually acted like he cared!

How cute is my boy???

The day was like a never ending game of musical seats (without the music).

Ryder took his turn and pushed Hunter for a little bit. What a trooper!
Does anyone else remember when the alligators (or crocs) were at the end of this little bridge thing? I remember it being so scary because you were surrounded and it looked like it could break any second. Now they have flamingos and a few other animals.
For some reason I absolutely love this picture!

It was a fun time. Afterwards Mema treated us to Olive Garden and then the kids had fun playing outside in Mema's backyard. We're hoping to get one more trip in before the membership expires.

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