Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ryder's first haircut!

Ryder had his first Haircut on April 6th (he was 14 months old). He had been needing it for awhile, but I loved his curls and didn't want to see those go. But after too many "what a sweet little girl" comments from strangers and with Family events/ Easter coming up I wanted to just get it done.

We went to Cool Cuts 4 Kids. It is really expensive! I "had" a $7 off coupon that made it the same price as the beauty school, but of course when I go to pay it was expired. So annoying! (it was a coupon with a sale on hair products on it, the Expiration date was for the sale, the coupon expired earlier.)



Isn't he so handsome! I cannot get enough of how Sweet my BOY is! He did such a good job. He sat very still. They have TVs and you get to choose what movie to watch. We picked The Wiggles because that is about the only thing he sits through. Then when he was done he got a dum dum. LOVED IT!!!


  1. awwee. I loved his little curls. He's growing up so fast and is SO cute! Was fun to visit with you last night!

  2. my nephew definitely is adorable.