Monday, June 16, 2014

30 Week Challenge: Week 1.5

This week has been rough. I was super excited to lose 7 pounds in my first week and was hoping to keep that up for atleast another week, but as of now I'm only 1 pound down from Wednesday. This week was the worst weekend to be doing a cleanse. My brother and sister were in town from Washington so there was tons of food to be had and I couldn't eat pretty much any of it. This is what my weekend looked like... 

Thursday: Bryan & Brittany's family arrived in the afternoon. Mom made lasagna for dinner with salad and garlic bread. I couldn't eat that though so I made my own dinner. I can't even remember what I had. We went swimming and then came back and had ice cream sandwhiches. I made a slim trim smoothie instead.

 Friday: (Lunchtime) This summer Amazing Jakes is doing a special where is was $50 per person for 3 hours of rides and games plus their buffet everyday until August 31st. It was such a good deal we go it along with Davis family and my parents. Unfortunately on this cleanse the only thing I can have is the salad (without dressing). So Friday we went there so the kids would have something to do. I helped my salad taste a little better and put pineapple on top to act as the dressing, although on a strict candida diet I'm pretty sure canned fruit is a no-no.

 (Dinner) Dad made fajitas and it was a homemade taco seasoning I made the last time I did the cleanse so it was candidia friendly! This was the best meal I think I've had this go around. I couldn't do a tortilla or cheese or anything. I did make a little guacamole to go with it. That was a good night and I actually got full:) 

(Dessert) Chase thought he'd be a family favorite and make cookies. I didn't have any and I helped make them. Talk about self control!

 Saturday: My oldest Neice Brittney was baptized!!! So proud of her. After the baptism they had a little luncheon. They served sub sandwhiches and different salads (non of which I could eat) they also had fruit skewers, chips, and cupcakes. Oh and a lemeonade. I brought with me some raw broccoli (not that great without something to dip it in). That was all that I could grab because we were running late. I also had one fruit skewer and got myself some water instead of lemonade. Chase made me cheat a little bit and took the lettuce, tomato and turkey lunchmeat off of one of the subs and I ate that. It was so good!

Brittney Ann Packer Baptized June 14, 2014
 (Dinner) Since we were spending all week together and BP was leaving early Sunday morning we decided to do Father's Day Saturday instead. Brittany was really wanting Geno's Pizza so we got that for dinner. Bonus Dad wouldn't have to cook. Mom also had leftover pasta salad and Jason & Steph brought leftover Subs from the luncheon. Plus since I didn't know what to give my dad for Father's Day I decided to make these garlic knots I make ( a huge no-no!). I made myself some brown rice, asparagus, broccoli, and canned chicken stir fry type of thing. Definitely not appealing.

 Sunday: Lunch was a on your own type of thing. I had a sliver of lunch meat and I mixed some canned chicken with hard boiled egg and onion together with some greek yogurt that is probiotic. It was decent. 

Dinner: We had leftovers so lasagna, garlic bread, corn, and pizza. I made myself a slim trim smoothie because I wasn't in the mood for anything else. I cheated here and had a small bite of lasagna. After dinner I made some guacamole to have with blue corn chips.

 I am very proud of how I ate this weekend. I kept getting compliments at how well I was doing considering all the food I was surrounded by. I've done a little more research for "normal" food that is candida diet friendly. Tonight I'm making taco salad and tomorrow I'm doing BLT salad with homemade dressing. Using turkey bacon. I'm pretty excited about these meals.

While I feel like I'm doing a good job I can't wait to be done. I've found out not being able to eat food makes me cranky. This weekend having EVERYONE over made me wiped out.

I started the PB Assist portion of the doTERRA cleanse and will do that for 10 days. I was hoping to do 2 rounds of the cleanse, but that would put me until the beginning August and I don't think I can last that long, this is tough.

My sister/in laws are joining the eat better brigade so hopefully that will help me better. Obviously not doing anything as strict as I am, but it will help. Here is to a skinny 2014!

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