Sunday, May 15, 2011

10 things I wish I knew before having a baby!

So, not that I am an expert or anything, I thought I would list some things that I wish someone would have warned me of prior to having a baby. IDK maybe it is in the girl rule book not to share this, but sorry ladies I never read it so it if is I'm breaking the rules:)

So here is MY top 10 list (not in any order) of things I wish I knew before having a baby...

10. Your bladder will never be the same again. You're bladder will like to surprise you out of no where. One minuet I'll be fine, the next I need to get to a toilet ASAP or I will pee my pants!

9. An episiotomy is the worst part. What I didn't realize is that these stitches are there for 6 weeks give or take a few. And you have to take special care when going potty. SO ANNOYING!!!

8. If you start going into labor when the cafeteria is closed order a sandwich or something that can be eaten cold right before it closes so you have 11pm. I was starving. By the time we got everything together it was around midnight. Chase went to get me food, but we had to pay for it we only got a $5 credit. So our meal ended up costing us like 15 bucks. Or I guess that is where your snacks come in handy. My DR gave me some crackers to hold me over a bit, NOT.

7. Record the "birth story" as soon as possible, believe it or not you wont remember every single detail and things will start to fade together. I journaled the birth when Ryder was around 3 months and I couldn't believe the big details I wasn't sure on. And I usually have a good memory.

6. No matter what anyone says, breastfeeding is hard and sooner or later it will hurt. But stick with it, it will get easier. I have no idea how many times I have been tempted to quit nursing and just pump, but it always gets easier. Take advantage of the lactation consultants at the hospital. I think I had them come in like 3 times while in the hospital. With them I'd do it right, but on my own it never seemed that easy. Also, banner gateway (and I'm sure other hospitals) have group support meetings that a Lactation consultant runs and they will help you with any questions you need.

5. Babies will be hungry until your milk comes in so don't be surprised if you don't get sleep. The first night Ryder was born Chase took care of everything, minus feeding. The second and third night I did and I got no sleep! Every time I set Ryder down he would cry. It was really hard and I was exhausted. My Mom in law came over one day just so I could nap! I can never repay her that is how wonderful it was!

4. It is hard to leave them. Banner Gateway makes you attend a discharge class the night before you leave the hospital. As far as I know it is mandatory. (If anyone knows a secret to get out of it let me know for the next kids). When I left to go to that class my eyes teared up. I did not want to leave him. Even now when I am away from him he is all I think about and I want to hurry back to him.

3. They grow so fast. This one is a trick because EVERYONE tells you this, but it is so true! I know Ryder is only 14 weeks old so I don't have room to talk, but it is amazing! I already miss some of the younger stage things he did. But I get excited thinking about the things he'll do in the future.

2. Ask for samples:) I don't know maybe this is tacky, but someone was telling me that before they left the hospital they asked for samples of all the stuff that they would use. They came home with a bunch of formula, wipes, diapers, and pads. In the end it saved them money. I did try to get some pads to take home, but they gave me the huge ones, well by then I wasn't bleeding that much so I didn't really use them.

And the number 1 thing...

It is in my opinion the hardest thing you will ever do. I imagine it is with each new addition because you can never prepare for it. There are so many different things to consider and so much going on. You can't just hand them off to someone else and it will just go away. You have to work it out! It may be hard but it is also the best thing you will ever do. Ryder has blessed our life so much! As hard as it is, I love being a mom and I enjoy every moment of it. The hard just makes you enjoy the easy fun moments even more.

If you have any "I wish I would've knowns" of your own, leave a comment and share.


  1. I haven't had my baby yet but I will in 3 months! I already feel really prepared for it because of my bradley birth class. One thing I can add to this list is do your Kegals!! The top one won't be a problem if you do them.

  2. Wow.... this just intimidates me even more when it comes to having a baby! haha Thanks for sharing!

  3. One more I thought of, if your baby isn't going to be on your insurance tell your hospital when you check in. Ryder was put on Chase's since I was going to quit and I've had to make so many phone calls to give insurance information. It has been such a hassle!

  4. Yes.. you're bladder will never be the same.... I even did my kegals all the time, and I still have issues! :) ... and the starving thing.. try having a C-section, they don't let you eat 8 hours BEFORE the surgery, and then you can't eat until you ... pass gas, so I would go at least 24 hours without eating... and the discharge class.. I went twice and with my 3rd I had asked the nurse if I had to go, and she said they are not mandatory, so I didnt go this last time :):) :) ......................... My advice, bring CHAPSTICK to the hospital... I forgot it the first time, and my lips were soooo dry!!

  5. Good to know that you don't HAVE to go to the discharge class. It was a waste of time! Thanks for the input!