Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer is near...

For some reason I have been having trouble sleeping at night. I don't know what it is, but I hate it. My family is all tuckered out having sweet peaceful dreams and here I am looking things up on the internet. Not all bad I guess, I do have some ideas for Ryder's 1st birthday! I know it is 8 months away, I am just excited! Go ahead, call me crazy!

Other news, we went camping with the Packer's last weekend at Bear Canyon Lake. I will do a post on that later when I get some pics from my sister-in-law Jen who took some of the group. It was a lot of fun. Ryder somewhat likes being out doors. He just had a rough time. I think he may be teething. A lot of the signs are there, but I'm not seeing anything.

Ryder is sleep around 7 hours at night which is wonderful! (if only I could). His naps during the day are a little tougher, but I can't complain. He will sleep for like 20 mins at a time if he's in his crib so to give him a good nap I'll put him in his bouncer or I'll take a nap with him.

He is talking alot. He loves his voice I guess. He was really happy in relief society. He was just fed and good to go. So I had him playing on the floor. He was making some noise. It was so cute. Now I am biased, so my question to you (if anyone reads this), are you bothered by babies making noise during sunday school or Relief Society or those types of settings. He wasn't being too loud at least I didn't think so and it wasn't crying, it was "talking" but kinda a whinny tone. I don't get bothered by it so I want to hear that from other people. Give me your honest opinion!

He has also recently found his toes! It is so funny! It is amazing how they use their abs. He can easily kick his feet in the air likes it's nothing.

I go back to Primary next week. Bitter sweet. I have really enjoyed my time being able to go to Relief Society and Sunday School, but I really do love Primary. I wish I could just go to Primary, but not have to do anything. So anyways we'll see how Chase does with Ryder. Sometimes he gets fussy and tired and wants you to stand and walk around. I think he is excited to show off his boy! He always talks about the other babies that go to Elder Quarm.

Chase has his own bus route! Hopefully he will get a few more hours in the fall and be a contracted driver. It would be such a blessing! He would get vacation days and qualify for health benefit and then we would be able to quit Dominos. (We cannot wait for that day to come!) Right now he is working enough hours to cover insurance for Ryder and himself. He has like 20 bucks left of his check after that.

He is starting to ride a bike to work. His cousin let him borrow one and he was really excited about it. Only downfall is it is starting to get hotter. Now we want to get me a bike and do family bike rides. We'll see when that ever happens.

Next up...

Chase is done with work this week. He bid to get a summer route which would be great, but very slim chance of him getting it. They go by senority and Chase is one of the newbies. So good bye income for a couple of months. People keep asking what we are going to do? We just say hope we saved enough. Prayer will help us too:) It will be a tough summer, but we know that if we do what we are suppose to we will be blessed and everything will work out.

Speaking of doing our best, me and Chase are making some goals, summer and life long. It is always fun to see what each other thinks we could be doing better at. I'll have to do a summer goals post so we can see how we did at the end of the summer.

Memorial Day. So one of the few traditions of the Gibson's is to go down to Tucson and visit the grave of Grandpa Gibson. It was a lot of fun last year so we are pretty excited about it. It will be Ryder's first and a lot of families first time seeing him. I'll have to do a post about it next week. I'll take a lot of pics to give you a nice visual.

Let's see what else is happening? ...

Me and Chase are enjoying this extra time we get to spend with each other with School out and soon work. We spend a lot of that time watching smallville. We are hooked! We are on season 3 and are planning on watching all 10 seasons! Hopefully we don't get burnt out. Some of the episodes get repetitive. You know Kryptonite effects someone, gives them special powers, Chole crys, victim gets hit in the head and gets knocked out, Clark saves the day!

Thanks for reading and don't forget to answer my question:

Are you bothered by babies making noises in Church? What are your thoughts on the matter???

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