Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Let's see... I put memorial day weekend , but now I don't think anything else is worth mentioning except actual Memorial Day.

On Memorial Day we go to Tucson with the Gibson's. One of the very few traditions from that side of the family. We visit the grave of Grandpa Gibson. We give family updates and have the opportunity to share memories. The sad thing is it has been 19 years so memories are fading, and people I think are shy to say anything. I really wish I could know more about him because Chase looks up to him so much.

After the graveside we have lunch at a park. Always yummy food:) This year we played softball, it was a lot of fun!

we had a lot of fun in the sun. Hopefully Ryder and I didn't get burned too bad. Lucky Chase doesn't have to worry about it. Below are some pictures of our day. I need to get better at taking more pictures, especially at events like this.

After the drive back to Mesa we went to the Packer's to celebrate.

We had burgers and the fixins and sides. Really good food as always! We enjoyed playing and talking. Chase started a really intense game of duck duck goose!. It is so funny when kids don't quite get the concept or when they start choosing someone else instead of chasing the person.

I think Ryder had a lot of fun on his first memorial day. He was decked out Red, White and Blue!

Oh forgot to mention, Chase got a summer route! I really didn't think it was possible. It is for a very short time, but it is better than nothing. He will be working for about 4 weeks for about 16 hours a week. Like I said it's better than nothing and will be extra money we weren't expecting.

Chase and I went on date in Friday. We did a sealing session at the temple and then went to Lenny's Burger. It was our first time and it was good! Chase got the Southwestern Pistromi and I got the double burger. We liked and definitely want to go back. We also went swimming at my sister's community pool. We left early because other people were there and they were smoking and drinking. Not the best enviroment. We headed back home and watched an episode of Smallville:). Then it was time to pick up our little Ryder. It's funny how I look forward to having a little break from him, but the whole time I am thinking about him and missing him. He has me wrapped around his finger.

I went back to Primary. It went ok. My class is a little rowdy so that will take some getting use to. Ryder got a little fussy, but the Primary Presidency is more than willing to hold him:). Chase is still getting use to getting to know what Ryder wants. He does't know his schedule like I do. But I'm sure he'll have it down in no time.

Ryder is still rocking at sleeping at night! I am so lucky! This week I am really going to try hard at sticking to a schedule. I'm going to write it down so Chase can help me. We'll see how that goes.

Ryder is doing the reading program at the library this summer. I know, I know, Ryder can't read! But I can read to him and he can get some pretty cool prizes. And I read to him anyways so why not? We are still going to the baby lap sit class at the Mesa Library and Ryder loves it! And I love it because it gets us out of the house.

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